What the deal with her and zatanna?

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In the latest gotham city sirens zatanna appears and tells selina to tell ivy to stay away and says if she appears she'll take it as a treat. 
what happaned between ivy and zatanna to fuel this aggression?

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@comkid100: She did that because she new Poison Ivy would attack if she found out someone was burning plants. Also, Zatana and Poison Ivy haven't liked each other for a long time. There is history I think.
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YOu need to read the whole series, since there is a specific reason why Zatanna said that. Earlier in the series, Poison Ivy was convinced that Zatanna had something to do with Catwoman's fragile mental state. This was due to Zatanna's history of performing magical "mind wipes" on supervillains in order to make them less dangerous, and Zatanna was known to have tampered with Catwoman's mind before. So Poison Ivy created an animated plant avatar out of the plants in Zatanna's house and attacked and interrogated Zatanna with it, really manhandling her in the process. Here are a few scenes from the issue:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

This encounter was still fresh in Zatanna's mind, hence why she told Ivy to stay away and would immediately consider her a threat if she appeared again. 

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