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You know, a thought just came to me today: how exactly does Poison Ivy summon plants from out of nowhere? I mean, in some incarnations of her, she has the ability to pull giant creeping vines out of the sidewalk. When were those vines planted? She couldn't have created a plant without a seed. One can argue that she planted a super plant somewhere and that its roots follow her whenever she beckons it, but what about the sewers and concrete and steel foundations of Gotham? I think that DC should give Poison Ivy a super seed gun. One that shoots out speeds with enough pressure for the seeds to penetrate anything(depending on how she adjusts the gun) and for Ivy to steal or develop seeds that are durable enough to penetrate concrete or people(growing plants from human bodies would be a great twist). That way, things might make a wee bit of sense. 

 Poison Ivy
 Poison Ivy
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i was thinking of a weapon for her as well. that seed gun idea isnt to bad though. 
i thought of a few ideas & borrowed some.  
there was an old & i mean old sailor moon villain that had like a wood arm? and it could extend & take whatever shape she wanted, it was mostly used for an impaling purpose but i think that'd be interesting for ivy to have. 
another "weapon" i guess you could say is her breathing or releasing pheromones into the ground that speeds up plant growth, a gas if you will. 
there could also be a magical aspect to her, like she recieved a blessing/curse from a forest/plant entity/spirit/object that upgraded her to the next level?  
theres lots of avenues that her character could take, i know its DC & that there a little more simple when it comes to powers/abilities than marvel is.

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