a Quick Question about Here Anatomy...

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#1 Posted by Dracade102 (8452 posts) - - Show Bio

...If Her Blood Is Toxic, Wouldn't that Make Anti-Toxin Poison To Her, Since It Would Cancel out The Poison that keeps Here alive?
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#2 Posted by Zoom (14751 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm sorry.  We don't speak random capitalization. 
Try again in regular English this time.
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#3 Posted by ivy's creation (49 posts) - - Show Bio

(ignore the rudeness from tina fey^) no part of her powers is that she is immune to all toxins

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^ Ivy's Creation is correct. Poison Ivy is immune to virtually all substances that would otherwise be considered toxic or harmful, no matter what they are, so this would include anti-toxins. My guess is that even if an enemy created an anti-toxin specifically from the poison in her bloodstream and attacked her with it, her body's natural defenses would instantly form an immunity to it. 
Interesting question though.

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i wasnt even aware that her blood was toxic, but i've never read too much on her or known much period.     

"I'm sorry.  We don't speak random capitalization.  Try again in regular English this time. "

wow.  that response made this feel so much more like a true fan community.  not only was ur response irrelevant, but u attack him as well.  i mean hell, u didnt even include an "lol" to at least make it even appear somewhat friendly or jokey in manner lol.

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You might want to check your own grammar before you make fun of others.
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#7 Posted by Leliel (1474 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jetshade:  Wait those that go as far as radiation because technically it poison your bloodstream or what about alien poisons?
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#8 Posted by Jetshade (872 posts) - - Show Bio
It is my understanding that Ivy is immune to any toxins that are chemical in nature, and she has a hyperactive immune system on top of that. Presumably this means alien poisons won't work on her any more than terrestrial ones, as long as they are chemical in nature. 
I don't know for certain how radiation would affect her because I don't fully understand all of the science involved. But assuming that radiation causes a chemical reaction in our bodies that poisons our bloodstream, then my guess is that her system would automatically defeat that chemical reaction. That wouldn't necessarily make her immune to physical damage (i.e. burns) caused by the radiation, however.
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#9 Posted by Leliel (1474 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jetshade:  Thank you for your answer which seems like the logical conclusion. This lead me to hope that there a Poison Ivy out there in the multiverse who is good guy, she be a great asset to the Justice League

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