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This is going to be sweet.

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Ever since the the fantastic four changed there costume collor to white and black and I was intrigued and I was not let down now that its red and black now im excited

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1 hour 45 mins, my guess most of it is spent answering questions about all-new invaders and F4

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After listening to this ep, my suspicions of it being bittersweet were confirmed. As much as it's great to hear his enthusiasm about his current projects, James' not-so-subtle jabs at DC weren't fun to listen to because of my predisposition and pull are still heavily invested at that company, both pre- and New 52. To me, it's akin to a great player on your favorite sports team (differing management styles, be damned) getting traded off or contracted to another team, who then disparages said team for ever playing for them. Even though I usually trade wait on specific FF runs, I'll see if I can make an exception here. Also, his Invaders concept sounds great. Overall, good to hear James on the site again!

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@lifeboy said:

I hope no-one is up in this podcast talkin smack about DC....

They deserve to get smack talked about them.

Cool to hear James back again and I'm really glad he's back in a comfortable working environment, it can only do wonders for his writing. I've really enjoyed the first two issues of the Saviours and it sounds like the future plans for the book are going to be really interesting, that Victorian issue sounds great. Really enjoyed the first issue of FF and I'm really glad the Future Foundation kids are still around, Bentley is one of my favourite characters. All New Invaders has been pretty good to and I REALLY can't wait to read this epic Namor story that's planned. Do I detect that the Invaders main goal will now be fighting alien invaders? That's a great concept and it really does sit nicely with the current direction of the marvel Universe.

Oh and sorry about the confusion about my time traveling comment! LOL it really was just about the crazy comment section on the site.

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Excellent podcast! Thanks for answering my question James. I look forward to reading more of the All New Invaders. And I'm going to add Saviors to my pull list and you sold me on Fantastic Four so I'll have that added as well.

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Thanks for answering my FF question Mr Robinson, you gave exactly the answer I was hoping. I'm not a huge fan of gritty and dark stories, especially when they're done on fun characters like the FF. It's just the first page of your FF run seemed darker in tone. Your answer has given me a lot of hope for the future of the FF as I hated Matr Fraction's run. Fortunately you're bringing the stories back to how they should be.

Also apologies if my DC question struck a nerve, I didn't know DC weren't playing ball with you fairly. Your reaction and answers has changed the way I think about DC now.

And I love how Tony pronounces my username as "Leh-Venger" as I always hear it pronounced as "El-Venger." It sounds more epic and foreboding when you say it though Tony :P

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@lvenger: ditto, I didn't even know that he was on bad terms with them.

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I'm glad the move to Marvel has rekindled James' love for writing. :) You can tell he's still getting over moving away from DC since he keeps referring to the Marvel Universe as the DC universe. Kinda like how when the new year comes through we all keep writing the previous year on things.

Glad you're back on Comic Vine James!

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Thanks for trying to answer my question, sorry it was a bit confusing. I just got a bit of a campy vibe from the dialogue in issue #2. @g_man said it best when he said there was familiarity, but it just felt a bit out of character. Everyone calling each other "buddy" and "guy" and referring to Bucky as "Buck" or "James" or"Jim", etc. It felt a little Batman the Brave and the Boldish. Campy probably wasn't the best way to put it. But I know I wasn't the only one. It was a point against the issue made in most of the reviews (marked down for poor dialogue all over the place). Everyone was definitely a little more happy-go-lucky, in my opinion at least .

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@g_man Hey, here's some examples of what I was talking about with the campiness. I don't mean to be a hater, but I wrote this stuff up for my review:

"It's the awkward uncharacteristic kind of camp. It lasts throughout the whole issue, but I'll give you an early example: Captain America:"James? Bucky? What are you doing, guy, you're dead remember? Or at least that's what the world is supposed to think."Winter Soldier: "Haven't forgotten, buddy..." Here's another example from when Cap, Winter Soldier and The Original Human Torch are fighting Tanalath the Pursuer. Captain America:"Pour it on Bucky! That's it! We give her even a moment's letup, we're done."Winter Soldier:"Hear that. Hey, Jim, buddy...anytime you feel like jumping in, we could use the help."Jim Hammond (Original Human Torch):I'm trying, Buck--but--she did something to me--can't focus." Shortly after that Jim Hammond starts unironically motivating himself in the 3rd person ("Need to get it together. Come on, Jim. They need me--my friends--have to do something. Get up, Jim! Do not think, do not stop, get on your feet! Your friends came to help, but now they need you...you must not fail them!") It was incredibly embarrassing to read. Now, one could argue that this book features characters from WWII, so they're mannerisms are old. But, they've all spent more than enough time in the present day to nullify that point. Not to mention, they weren't even written like this in the previous issue. It reads like a fan-fic parody of the superhero genre. Or like a kid's cartoon. It makes no sense."

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Thanks for a most interesting podcast, James. Being a big Fantastic Four fan, I wish you much success on the book.

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Thank you for taking the time to try and answer my questions Mr. Robinson. I completely understand about your lack of enthusiasm for the topic overall and I probably should've considered how you would've felt about it beforehand, so I definitely apologize for that. I'll definitely do my best to break my trade waiting habit as well.

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Man...I don't know exactly what DC did to make James so sore, but its clearly their loss. It's good to see James writing so many books. Glad things are working out so well for him now.

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I would love to here James's view on Love and Rockets......

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@g_man the term you were looking for is "in media res" or "in the midst of things"

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@lvenger said:
And I love how Tony pronounces my username as "Leh-Venger" as I always hear it pronounced as "El-Venger." It sounds more epic and foreboding when you say it though Tony :P

Lol. Tony read my name as Mon L (instead of Mon I), which is (kinda) cool since it sounds Kryptonian.

Looking forward to the next one! (as always)

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That was fun, you run a nice interview, Tony. I'm not too keen on the initial gloom of this FF story, but I don't doubt James will take us to happier climes. I'm looking forward to seeing where Invaders goes hugely, especially as regards the 'British invasion'.

And Donna Troy's unlikely pottymouth aside, James produced an entertaining and imaginative JLA run and should pat himself on the back. Here's to future triumphs.

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Ah g-man your not the only one that thinks thd team is underated there's actually a thread on it