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I promise the entire podcast isn't about shoes :)

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What is this podcast become G-man and guest, you are not batman.

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You're right! I am not Batman :(

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All the non comic book reading women live in Ohio I say. My wife says ha ha sarcastically.

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Miss J needs to demonstrate her running and leaping in heels capabilities.

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hey welcome
hm G-man am I wrong or are you not answering the ask G-man thread question.? only the twitter and facebook ones?

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Yay Jen's on!

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Hey Gman your podcast are the highlight of my week I love them and 'MissJ' because of your enthusiasm for Ten Grand issue 1 it convicted me to pick it up today and I must say I'm looking forward to reading it so thank you for the recommendation and thank you ComicVine crew for your continued hard work

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Sounds like you've had the misfortune of fighting only spammers, Jen. They're evil, evil people. Sinestro's a good counter with the asteroid / hold them in place, but it sounds like in order to beat spammers... you've become a spammer! :O

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@loki9876: We answered 12 questions from the thread. We would've answered more but got distracted with all our other talking. This was even one of the longer episodes as well.

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Woooooooooooooooooooooo! MissJ someone who finally wont complain about reboots!

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Woah, I didn't know anything about that Dragon Con controversy. I was thinking about going but I think now I will skip it.

For anyone wondering what that is about, one of the creators who still owns 31% of the Dragon Con shares is accused (with very heavy evidence) of raping teenage boys and has used his Con money to avoid a fair trial for the last 10 years. It's a very complicated matter and I give the current Dragon Con leadership the benefit of the doubt that they are doing everything within their legal power to remove this guy from the equation. But at the end of the day, he and his defense fund are still making a considerable amount of money off of your attendance.

I highly recommend anyone thinking about going, goes and researches the issue. I don't think there is any one thing to take away from it. And I don't necessarily think a boycott is required. But everyone should know all the details before they make their decision either way.

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@missj Glad to have you here. I also listen to the Modern Myth Media podcast. How come you are not on that show anymore? Whatever happened to the fantasy comic league?

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Woooooooooooooooooooooo! MissJ someone who finally wont complain about reboots!

Reboots are the worst. :)

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Learned nothing about comics while listening to this podcast but I'm definitely thinking about buying some heels soon.

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@missj@g_man I really loved this podcast. You 2 have a really great flow to your communication and researching topics on the fly. Any chance Jenn will be on the Friday podcast with Gregg, Matt, and Sarah?

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I now have the urge to go out and buy about five pairs of shoes.

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@kervan21: That one was a timing issue :( The league started right when I got my new job, and then I was traveling literally every time they recorded. Love those dudes, though!

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@the_vein: I don't know how well I can leap generally, but that might be doable!

@mercy_ & @mild_karl: I will never discourage anyone from buying shoes :)

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Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone :) Podcasting is fun!

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@missj: I feel that shoes are never really a bad thing, right? Especially a good pair.

I haven't been reading Thor - what would make you recommend it?

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Good podcast guys, great to see another female staff member.

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@mercy_: I'm liking Thor right now because the stories are BIG. They actually feel suitable for a superhero who's, y'know, a god. The current arc features time-travel and a bomb big enough to blast all of the gods out of existence, and I just really dig how Aaron is writing it.

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@missj: That sounds great, actually. Thor has always been one of those characters I've had a hard time getting into. I tried a few issues of the J. Michael Straczynski run a few years back. They were really good, but...I dunno, I just couldn't commit to it. I may go back and read the trades. But your endorsement of Aaron's Thor is really tempting me to pick up the series. Is the first trade out?

However, I just recently started pulling Journey Into Mystery because of Sara's article about Sif a while back and, needless to say, Kathryn Immonen's writing had me falling in love with the title, even though I had never really read any Asgard stories.

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I don't think all of the armors were fully functional until Tony asks Jarvis if they are when he's breaking into the Mandarin's mansion.

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@missj said:

@mercy_: I'm liking Thor right now because the stories are BIG. They actually feel suitable for a superhero who's, y'know, a god. The current arc features time-travel and a bomb big enough to blast all of the gods out of existence, and I just really dig how Aaron is writing it.

Oh man, I think you may have just sold me on it. I love a good story with some real grandeur to it.

And touching upon what you said about Lois (and the Daily Planet), any book featuring either Lois solo or the Daily Planet in a GCPD style would pretty much be a guaranteed pull for me. Flashpoint Lois Lane was amazing, reminded me a lot of Smallville Lois Lane. Whatever gripes fans may have with that series, they did right by Lois and I miss seeing her portrayed as this real force to be reckoned with. Which, sadly, is not a way that I've really seen her portrayed since the DCnU and not for a while before.

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That a hilarious picture this week for the podcast image.

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Lots of great discussion here! Thanks Tony & Jen :)

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Woo Awesome!! MissJ should be on the weekly podcast so we can hear Sara and her argue throughout the podcast.HAH HA

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Miss J did a great job on this. Hope to hear more from her and the rest of the CV crew together more often! :)

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Confirmed. @missj hates the X-Men. @g_man hates Wonder Woman

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The screen name "MissJ" makes me think of Lady Jaye from G.I. Joe for some reason. Good podcast this week. The new writer seems knowledgeable and upbeat. Always nice to expand the editorial team considering Tony has a crap load of stuff to do all the time. Keep up the great work.