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You spoil us, Tony. Thanks again!

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The opening song always reminds me of Earthworm Jim lol. :3

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Woohoo, Williamson is awesome. Good visitor to the podcast :)

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Will give this a listen later, who drew the art for the podcast image? Looks good!

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Wooooooooooooooooo. Good job Tony ol' boy.

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Tony, any chance you could get Rick Remender on or Brian Michael Bendis.

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I wish you would jump off of that ledge my friend.... I would understand!

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I do enjoy me some Back to the Future. I love how there is a point in 1954 where there are four DeLorian's. The one Marty uses to come back the first time, the one Mary uses to come back the second time, the one Biff steals, and the one hidden in the Mine form 1884.

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@sammo21: I don't think his stroke goes that far

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That guy who likes every movie sounds like my cousin lol

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@bigboi100000: You never know :p I think Dan Slott was a pretty big get for him as were some of his previous guests. If anything I would say Bendis is too busy for it :p