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...Lol love the image g-man swings and hits a home run once again

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@g_man, the only reason I can see for having an Antman movie is to introduce Hank Pym. If you introduce Pym you can introduce Ultron. I think the next Avengers movie will be about Ultron.

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Brian Buccellato again :(

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Sweet :)

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Brian is so awsome he should have his own podcast

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Replace Corey with the Booch on the regular podcast plz.

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G-man brings up the batman argument again, so I went back and listened to it.

G-Man just acts like a fool.

Sarah is right. She's even more right as it becomes clear that A) A death was on the table (Morrisons B+R)

B) The fallout from DotF is trivialized as the Bat family just returns to the status quo.

C) It hasn't been addressed how crazy Batman is.

D) The whole reason Batman is Batman is because his family died, and when a psychopath is standing over your family with an axe, and you have a gun, you don't think to yourself 'OH well, y'know I can't really kill him because that's wrong, and because I don't want to dictate what happens, to like, society and law, man."

I bring this up because it would be a great story arc for Joker to be put to death, legally. I bet Batman would be racked with doubt since handing in criminals would be the equivalent of killing them and he may even try and save the joker. You could address how crazy Batman is and also set up a great arc, not about Batman killing Joker, but about letting him go. What do you think Batman would do if Gotham enacted the death penalty?

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Episode 5 of The Mighty Booch.

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That is a striking looking booch on the thumbnail! ;-)

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Love the podcasts lately, but I do think that Tony is being a bit too cautious with spoilers of late. I can understand wanting to not spill the beans on some recent plots within the past year or so, but when the conversation requires talking about previous stories that affect later events (Days of Future Past for example), I don't think there's a need to worry about spoilers. I've found a lot of the recent analysis, critiques, and discussions have had their points "nerfed" because of a respect for spoilers over a year old.

Just my opinion on this.

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@kantrip: I was totally joking about stuff like Days of Future Past. It's sorta a long-running joke. I do think a month after is safe. Even though there are trade-waiters.

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Undeclared from Judd Apatow, was the comedy series Charlie Hunnam was in. Pretty good show, check it out on Netflix.

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@kilomac29: Holy crap. I gotta watch that shoe again. I totally didn't realize he was in it.

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As much as i love Brian there has to be another writer you can get to join you on this show, tony. It's getting ridlicous now.

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What was up with Brian in today's podcast? He seemed a little douchey while last week he was relaxing and lighthearted. But I really did like Brian's Halle Berry voice impression it was hilarious.

I honestly didn't like his opinions about Hank Pym, Iceman and Angel. I for one think they are very interesting characters and are my three favorites. Hank Pym and Angel have very complex personalities and they always seem to have a dual personality in their other roles like Yellow Jacket and Archangel. That's what really made them interesting. Plus, Hank is a very smart guy. He has the tech like the ability to change big or small, talk to ants and bees, created Ultron, Jacosta, etc, and made a suit for Wasp. Iceman can be interesting too because he's a jokester and really lighthearted with a charm. I like his cool Ice powers but I guess i'm bias towards iceman because I have a love for Ice powers. I honestly think Brain should read more about them before forming an opinion.

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@g_man: I'm not sure if you were talking about me when it came to the Howjsay. I really wasn't racial or offended by it. I was just explaining the phrase of why the site is named Howjsay. I thought it was pretty funny. I just wanted to clear that up. It seems like there was some confusion.

Also, (info about X-Men movies) the X-Men movies do have some sort of big plot hole (not different continuities) in terms of continuity I think that's why Bryan Singer is doing this Days of Future Past to fix the plot holes. And you're right Tony(@g_man) Wolverine Origins mess up a lot because X-Men First Class is set in the same time period and Professor X seems to be a different age. There's also two Emma's running around. One in Origins and the other in First Class. I think this film will fix the continuity errors of people's age, X-Men 3 and Origins. I'm thinking it might even cause a change for Deadpool to have his own spin-off and connect to these movies.

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Explict Sex usually keeps me away from certain comics, I read Saga's first issue and it was a good story but I did not need to see those TV things doing what they were doing. You can do explict sex but you should'nt especially if it's unnecessary and does nothing for the story or character.

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In Action Comics Clark Kent dies and lives as Superman in both the story and back up.

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@hashbrowns: I wouldn't be that critical but it was cringe worthy and G-man has apologized. Judging people by their worst is kinda depressing budday, but we've also seen Tony close to his best many times, and if him being childish and petty is the worst of him, he's still an alright guy.

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Liked the podcast, but WOW, Brian came off as a major hater this week.