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You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

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Honestly, I doubt any of those old Titans stories happened, even though I'd love for them to have. He never went to space (just retold that story with Jason), he never saved Raven from Tirgon (about to retell that story with Tim), he was probably never friends with Cyborg and ect. Most, if not all, of that is gone. As time has gone on we are discovering less and less of that history did happen or couldn't have happened and I assume that is going to continue as more issues come out.

Anyway, would be nice to see Nightwing have some friends again. Sure, most, if not all, his friends aren't his friends anymore, don't exist or were given to Jason, but then start building up new friendships with other characters and heroes. So frustrating at how isolated he is.

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Curses!!!!!! Foiled by G-Man!!!!!!!. im going to try to jump onto Nightwing next month when the Creeper appears.

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Just had a friend pick me up 11-15. I'm grabbing issue 18 today to set up for Brett Booth's run w/ Higgins. I stopped reading N52 Nightwing around issue 3 or 4. This new direction appears to be geared more to my liking. Can't wait.

On a sidenote - Backlash making his return in Nightwing would be amazing. I do believe the only problem is legal issues over the use of the name and/or character. Regardless, Backlash would make an excellent foe/teacher for Dick.

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To answer your question from the podcast, Yes I remember Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels. An often overlooked member of the Hannah Barbera stable

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Waitaminute. Last Podcast (and many more before it) you lamented DC ambiguous Nu52 continuity specifically asking for answers about Wally, Donna, Robin timelines, first meetings and now you'd rather they don't mention if something did or didn't happen?

I agree with Higgins that you should build your own continuity in your head and that a writer should just reference past stories when they enhance their own, but that's the way most great writers worked before the Nu52.

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@Fastblender: Not exactly. I'm saying I don't want them to tell me the New Krypton story didn't happen. Or Judas Contract. But I'm also tired of complaining/asking where's ____? There's a difference between the two. Missing characters can still be in existence unless they clearly make it so they can't currently exist. It would be nice to know what has or hasn't happened. But I would rather not know than have it turn out that it's been erased.

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Not that I don't like Kyle Higgins but, lets get some new people on the podcast. Maybe some non DC-Marvel guys...

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Get Soule or Jeff Lemire if you can. Or James, a nothing but James podcast, we'll die....Of laughter.... and intoxication.

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The penguin and Donald duck have used green lantern rings so they are not programmed to the user.

Also why do people complain that Batman has too many books (which he does) but nobody comments about how many Green Lantern comics there are.

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I understand not wanting to spoil things, but I was a little frustrated listening to this podcast. This is mostly because one of your opening lines this week was essentially "there are going to be spoilers, you've been warned." As someone that had read the issue before listening, I was pretty stoked to hear Kyle and you talk rather unchained about this issue and the possible ramifications down the road.

Don't get me wrong, if this podcast had come out the week prior, I'd fully understand the spoiler free stance. But considering the issue itself was on stands (or available digitally) when this podcast went up, you could have made good on your opening statement about discussing what actually happened in the issue. It's not like spoilers haven't been discussed on the podcast before.

Aside from that gripe, I still really liked the podcast; it's always fun to listen to these creators. Maybe you could get Andy Diggle on one day to discuss what happened with Action Comics?