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You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

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@G-Man: Why does Superman look like Mitt Romney?

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Dear DC,

Please put JT Krul on an ongoing again. Okay, I may have had issues with his Green Arrow, but his Captain Atom was great and I have heard good things about his Superman Beyond. Give him a place to flex his muscles in the DCU. It makes no sense that you have these great (or at least talented) writers just waiting in the wings, NOT working on the main DCU. You have writers like Beechen and Krul on the Beyond books and at the same time, you have Darwyn Cooke and JMS working on Before Watchmen. Give them some ongoings in the DCU. Doom Patrol, Omega Men, Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Red Tornado, Metal Men, etc...So many characters that you could give an ongoing and give to these creators. A Darwyn Cook and/or JMS Doom Patrol is something I could definitely read.

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I think all of the guests this podcast has gotten have been great so far, but I'm more excited for J.T. than I have been for anyone yet. He is one of the best writers in comics who has a great grasp on what makes the characters he works with special. He's an unsung hero who rarely receives the commendations he deserves.

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A new podcast! Yes! Thanks tony, I just finished the brian podcast and am probably going to knockout the sara and cory guests podcast this week. Plus I have like 5 questions I am going to submitt to you. Thanks again.

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@G-Man: Actually there are magic wielding aliens in DC, they are so far just all secluded in the Legion of Superheroes, where none of the mages appear to from Earth.

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Not tooting my own horn but when I get a pile of 12 comics for £30 it takes about 40 minites to read through them. What happened to comics being 25-32 pages long? and ther's too much AD space now, good podcast. JT would be a great writer for Doom Patrol

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When talking about creepy comic relationships everyone seems to forget Hal Jordan (in his late 20s or early 30s) and Arisia (who was 13 mentally but had an adult body). I think Hal even commented that he felt like a pedophile while he was with her at one point.

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10 issues takes me about an hour and a half, and I feel I slow down to enjoy the art, though probably not as much as others do. But I hear what I hear what JT is saying. $30 for comics or a video game? For most kids its no contest. The larger issue is really that fact that folks, including kids, are reading far less.

Also I find amongst my non-comic reading friends, that they would never introduce comics to their kids do to the perception that they are puerile. But of course, their kids read NOTHING. Of course comics have value above and beyond just the fact that they get folks reading, but you guys knew that :-)

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This was awesome. I need to read Krul sounds like he has a ton of insight.

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You want to know about creepy relationships? Deadpool and Typhoid Mary. She pretended to be Siryn to sleep with him. Need I say more? Keep doing this podcast as long as you can. Very much enjoying listening to you talk to creators and answering asinine questions. I know time travel does weird things to the brain but I think G-man has the willpower to survive any temporal jump. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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Morrison doesn't care he just does what he wants.