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You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

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G-Man, the Invincibly Super Massive third-wheel! Makes it seem from the pic there, that Doc Ock's trying to get a super-powered D.P. going.....maybe its just in my own preverted mind, but i doubt it..........

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Marvel AR works (iPhone) with comiXology if you hold your phone/tablet up to the screen so that you can see the page on your device but you will just have to try each page as the little AR symbol is absent on the digi comics :-) 
edit: it seems that as long as you have 2 devices i.e. one to look at the other it will work

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You jumped to twitter questions right before you got to mines on the forums -_-

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I'm not shy about my lack of interest in this recent SPIDER-MAN event, and as much as I prefer Humberto Ramos' art. Ryan Stegman does some damn fine work, as well.

Since when has SPIDER-MAN been about the supporting cast? They don't put his supporting cast in other series to boost sales.

Way too much of this was dedicated to people's reactions for me.I nearly turned it off. I get that people are being vocal and possibly irrational at times. but why act so surprised about it to have to repeatedly mention it?

When you consider the lengths that Marvel and Quesada went to in order to separate Peter and Mary Jane. To put them back together again so easily would be the twisting to the middle finger they gave fans after OMD. It will only prove my theory that SPIDER-MAN is nothing more than a repeating cycle. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I only watched soap operas as a kid when I was home sick. There's a reason why I never watched them as an adult.

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Please Ryan come back to Kaine!!! well if we cant get that can we atleast get some awesome panels of scarlet spider v superior spiderman

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Completely agree with the Spidey/Doc Ock Mary-Jane views from Ryan.

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Thanks for answer my questions love the podcast keep up the good work

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I still can't find what's right in all of this. Sorry.

Maybe under other conditions it would have worked, but not like this. I really hope this can turn out for the best.

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I hope people can understand this is a story arc contained in a new comic series. Peter Parker didn't die. Doc Ock technically died with his brain pattern stuck on top of Parker's. People will get over this, hopefully. I for one am excited. Then again, I think the entire Grant Morrisson run on Batman was worse than what's going on with Spider-Man...so...yeah.

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The next Spider-Man series (if there will be another one) should be called "Supreme Spider-Man". It should be a fight over the mantle of Spider-Man between Peter and Ock and the winner would become the "Supreme Spider-Man".

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my theory on how peter can come back well proly have to do with that living brain robot doc find out peter still inside him decide to get rid of him by putting him in the robot brain

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@ghostcopy: that's ridiculous. You have a digital device in your hand there should be no need for a second device

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G-man mentioned about batman being a villain, but didn't mention the issue, this is it

It was a reversal of roles issue(s) where Catwoman played the role of the guardian of Gotham and Batman was the thief & murderer.

It is actually called Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham

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@thatlad: yep very true
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Want to know why no one cared, about that other girl. WE LOVE MJ. And really it is not really funny that Peter is getting back with MJ, and a whole lot of fans have been waiting for this since OMD, and now Peter is not Peter.

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I'm a big fan of Ryan Stegman and his art. I loved his work on Scarlet Spider and I'm loving his work on Superior Spidey inks and all.