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It's Podcast time folks.

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Time for some podcast fun....F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all.. Here at the Comic Vine.......sorry folks lose my mind.

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I'm with @g_man don't worry about continuity with Supergirl being in the JLU and not being a Red if your doing that you might want to think about how many books Batman appears in a month and he doesn't even have super powers.

All though I do agree that the whole Super Hearing thing in space has always been stupid they should have had her tracking down Lobo or something she does have a beef with him that would have made more sense.

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Marvel created a whole bunch of new Chinese heroes in Avengers World

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Oh and Black Panther for a stylistic street level book

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I wanna see Corey as Question in one of the pictures for a future podcast!

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@jonny_anonymous said:

Marvel created a whole bunch of new Chinese heroes in Avengers World

Yeah, but does anybody really care about them? And Batman is only in China for one issue.

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I wanna see Corey as Question in one of the pictures for a future podcast!

I love this idea!

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@inferiorego: I'm watching the deadpool youtube video and he claims his mom created the word, pottymouth! XD

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Love Corey screaming while away.

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Some quality comedy, thanks. :)

Too bad about that She-Hulk interior, the blue-file trigger is a powerful force, it deserves compelling depiction.

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@nightfang: what's Barman got to do with anything? And yes I care.

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In regards to the Superboy segment; yes, Raven did know Kon had been replaced with Jon and knew what he was planning, because she was helping him, since it was also helping her move forwards with Trigons plans.

Sadly, it was only a plot point that existed during Wolfmans very short tenure on the book, and as we saw with the last regular TT issue; Trigons hold on Raven was for some reason broken when they got back to the present. So it's unlikely to appear again.

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Nice, gonna find some time to sit down and enjoy this latest podcast session since I didn't get a chance to listen to last week's one.

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Agreed. Scott and Emma are a better couple, imo. Great cast, guys...

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Great episode as usual. I believe I can give some opinion on West Coast Avengers having read it for the first time somewhat recently. I rather enjoyed it though I have a certain fondness for that era of comics. The first run was written by Steve Englehart who wrote my absolute favorite volume of Silver Surfer so I knew right away I had to read it. It's kind of a slow start but oddly enough I think it finds its rhythm around the time that Moon Knight first joins though not necessarily because of his inclusion. I don't remember him exhibiting super strength but he was immune to mind control by "swapping personalities" which is another way of saying that he's a crazy person. Honestly I could attempt a full "why you should read" article if I was that motivated.

The only thing wrong with it is that the villains were all kind of terrible and unmemorable. The most recognizable one in the bunch is probably Grim Reaper and he's mostly there because of his relationship to Wonder Man. Other than that you had a pretty wacky excuse for a rogues gallery. Dudes like Doctor Demonicus, the Zodiac syndicate, and The Night Shift who are led by a demon who isn't satan but Satan-nish (literally). I still think some of the character stories in that series are good to great so it's worth a read. Thanks for the podcast and keep up the great work.

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Haha...I love how that Deadpool guy claims he named him after the Dirty Harry movie!

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This was literally the funniest podcast in a while, of course it's always makes me laugh, but especially this one.

Tony: "Mat's always behind."

Corey: "Yep."

Tony: "He like's it behind."

Corey:" "

Only on the Comic Vine Podcast After Dark.

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What's the link to the crazy man claiming to have created Deadpool.