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FIIIINNAALLLLYYY!. My commute has been terrible without this

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Das Butch

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Yay! Podcast!

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Tony, while I totally understand your "not feeling it" feeling with the newest Inhumans title, you also have to understand that it will not truly be a Soule comic until what ... issue 4 or 5? Didn't Soule come in after all the art was already done on the Joe-Mad issues? Maybe I am wrong on that, but if it is the case I can't believe it is an easy task to write around panels that you had nothing to do with until they were finished. Wasn't all the art based on an idea Fraction had? Again, if I am wrong I apologize, but at least Stan had the plot he gave the artist and then worked the dialog into later, Soule didn't even have that. I just think to be fair to the book, you should stick around until issue 4 or 5 to see what Soule can actually do. But just my onion ;-) ....

EDIT - And as soon as I post that, I get to the part of the podcast where you mention that very thing. HAHA. Never mind, move along, nothing to see here. (But still hope you stay on for a few more issues)

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@ptsteelers: I was ready to say, "Hey man, I said all that." Looks like we're on the same page. I don't know exactly how much may have been done, etc. And as we said, Soule is a great writer. I will stick it out for a bit. So we'll see.

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Good show guys I agree DC need to promote there there books more. The only thing I can think off that's not Batman or Superman they have been pushing is Justice Leauge United.

I'm really looking forward to it no Bat Family only Super is Supergirl my favorite character and it's written by Jeff Lemire whats not to love?

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Good comics in the 90's ? I really like the ninja turtles comic from archie or anything from them :)

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My advice to people who need to cut books is switch to trade. ;)

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@g_man agree with you on green arrow but i think the next arc is going to be alot more Green Arrow centric plus more Diggle.

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@spideyfan3160: Yeah, it's kinda funny how DC made a big deal about Diggle being in the comic.

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I'm glad someone decided to stick up for the nineties. It always aggravates me when Mat and Corey denigrate the decade as a whole while frequently citing things from the era as personal favorites as if those things were some kind of exception. There are things in culture that for whatever reason become punching bags for everybody to attack just because it's cool. Every era has it's standouts and it's garbage, but the nineties were actually a really great time for comics. I've been meaning to do a blog about how wrong people are with their 90's bashing for awhile.

It was the beginning of huge developments for both independent and creator owned comics in the form of Image and Vertigo. It marked one of the greatest inroads to ethnic diversity in mainstream comics with series like those at Milestone. It gave us arguably the most recognizable incarnation of the X-Men and their costumes yet. Deadpool is pretty much the only new superhero since the early 1970's to actually become a household name; his first appearance and first solo book both occurred in the 90's.The 2099 books were brilliant and experimental, and still a fan favorite today. Kurt Busiek's terrific Avengers run came from the 90's. It was the beginning of Valiant, which has returned recently to major critical and financial success. And yes, it was indeed the 90's not the 80's that James Robinson's Starman was released).

These are just some things anyone should think about before the next time they want to indulge in 90's bashing.

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dude, I would have totally hugged her and kissed her for her work on the Gotham underground and what was at that time my favorite storyline. And also hugged her again for working at my other love DC comics!

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I love the new intro guys! ;D can we keep it?

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My advice to people who need to cut books is switch to trade. ;)

Its what I had in mind. That or just go digital but I like how the look on my shelves.

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"There are things in culture that for whatever reason become punching bags for everybody to attack just because it's cool."

Couldn't have said it any better. Comic fans need to get off the 90's and stop being sheep...

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When you guys were talking about J2, all I thought of was Punk Rock Jesus. Then all I could think of was if Chris became the Juggernaut...

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Extremely old, but I believe the guy was saying "Which British superhero excluding Constantine could have their own show?"