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AW yeah new podcast!

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The bigger story here is obviously Batman and a whale.

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@bunkerbuster05: Actually it was supposed to be Animal Man. But you know how Batman likes being everywhere.

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Here's hoping my email made the cut.

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wait is that pre 52, batman i see?!

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CODE MONKEYS!! I miss that show.

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I feel like that CVS's location has been mentioned by Giant Bomb recently too. . .

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@g_man do you have Doctor doom picture?

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So, is Marvel reprinting all of Spider-Man 2099 or just the first two trades?

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YouTube overload. It's like hearing a couple DJs watch something on the air... the listener kinda misses out on a big part of that. Especially when it happens so often.

It's also kind of crappy that you always seem to throw music on when Corey's about to say his part.

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new podcast WOOOOOOOOO

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@g_man Thanks for answering my questions but IDW's Doctor Who comics are ending at the end of the year.

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God, I miss Code Monkeys!

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I liked that you played Black Flag

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Yeah gman, I agree. I'm tired of seeing the same actors in different comicbook movies ie chris evans, afflec, jGL. Cant they get new names. And also related to movie in general.

At the same time comics are the biggest violaters. You have writers pulling 5 comics across different companies and the word count goes down in each comic. You pay 3.99 for 5 minutes of entertainment!

Its a darn shame about Katana. I actually saw her and Batwoman in terms of equal in writing. Mr Sanchez was doing great in the art as well. She will be missed.

Great podcast between you two. I listened to the whole thing mindless of spoilers this time. The only ones I haven't wanted to be spoiled on were the villians month, jokers daufhter in particular and the first forever evil.

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Do you think you guys could do a third podcast for just questions ? You always so far behind on them.

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Geoff Johns confirmd that all the DC books not tying into FE take place BEFORE

Also does anyone really give a s#%@ about Vibe getting cancelled? Heard it was pretty mediocre same with Katana

Also the Boys is HILARIOUS but still serious at the same time

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Animal Man does not have powers to control animals.

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you have glee song yet you are hating on it. lol leah's voice is amazing! ya'll just dont get soulful voices, to each their own. if it wasnt for glee wouldnt even know of any of those songs, pure fun and joy

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God I love Undeadpool on tHis.

OH and FF was selling 30k montHly usually. THey're suppose to be in tHe clear.

20k to 29k is tHe danger zone for Marvel books. THose sales usually end up getting cancelled.

Every time Batman topic appears tHe tone switcHes up and G-Man gets all into it.

June'sVeryOwn ABstract4$$#073

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IMPORTANT the ALL NEW GHOST RIDER series is not going to be about Blaze or Ketch. This new series will be about Roberto "Robbie" Reyes from my neighborhood EAST LA who is surrounded by gangs and listens to Electro.

Quite excited for the new series.

II. How is it not Kaine in the New Warriors Araceli is in the team too.


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@g_man, @undeadpool: Thanks for mentioning me on the podcast!! I'm very happy about that Dan Slott Superior Spiderman issue you gave me. :-) Corey, I noticed you mentioned about hoping for someone to be on the podcast someday. Well I'm that certain someone who's been dying to be in the podcast with you guys. So, my dream of being in podcast has yet to happen. :-( It sucks that Vibe is being cancelled. It was such a good book. I loved the chemistry that Vibe had with his brother and how much he cared for superheroes who just started like Kid Flash and Gypsy. Vibe was really made into interesting character. I think the only reason this book couldn't survive is because of his bad reputation of his previous personality which makes people avoid the book. I just hope he will be freshen out in Justice League of America and continue to be on the team when it's retitled Justice League of Canada. I have also been one of those people that use to love the New 52 Stormwatch before the reboot. They had such interesting I had grew to love like Apollo, Midnighter, and Jenny Quantum. Sadly the reboot washed away those characters and gave us something terrible! And since I doubt it will ever change back. I kind of want it cancelled.

Also, Tony I already reported that error of those messages that appear as G_Man: "blank". It's an error that erases what you just typed after you click post reply. It's happen to me a few times and I sometimes give up typing it over. Now I just copy whatever I type before I post reply just be safe.

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I know this is totally off topic but... The into music gave me an ear-gasim. Very messy. Loved it.

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@g_man My thoughts on the other 2 members of All New X-Factor is Cypher and Warlock. Mostly because those 2 have been absent since New Mutants ended, and Warlock was often see wearing a red hoodie in the DnA run of the series.

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@g_man: Marvel don't have the rights to medievel Spawn

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The BI Weekly pod cast :(

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I had to listen to this podcast 3 times already because I'm anticipating the next weekly podcast!!! How am I supposed to get through work!!! LOL jk keep up the good work.

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@g_man Give that Peter Cushing Doctor Who film a go, those movies were made in the Sixties for kids for Saturday morning screenings, and they're just daft fun.

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