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If only James Robinson and Scott Snyder could be on the podcast together.

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@NightFang: That's genius.

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Scott is great :) how does this guy has time for all of this? really great guy

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Not a fan of his writing Batman, but he seems like a genuinely cool and friendly guy. Busy Friday night during the blizzard with a podcast and Black Ops II. WOoo.

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What issue is Cassandra's Cain's 1st appearance?

Also Sara(h) has bad taste in music.

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great interview changed my opinion of Scott.

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You lose a FACE! and you lose a FACE! and you lose a FACE!

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Love hearing Scott talk about writing, at my Animation School they said almost the same thing, that your story should show why nothing else could have happened. Because if there were other outcomes the reader, viewer, will wonder "why didn't they just do that instead?" So you need to show they they couldn't.

Where is Scott teaching that comic book writing class? Anywhere near southern California? I am very interested in taking it, anything that could improve my writing and art. Like the Batman I am always honing my skills.

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@ArtisticNeedham said:

Where is Scott teaching that comic book writing class? Anywhere near southern California? I am very interested in taking it, anything that could improve my writing and art. Like the Batman I am always honing my skills.

He's back east, so I don't think so.

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Literally everything I've read from Snyder has ruled. And he's a cool dude in conversation. The perfect package? I think so.

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@Undeadpool: Thanks Corey. To bad. Sounds like a lot of fun and education.

New Avengers: Pronoun Trouble.

I'm one of those people, I love Peter Parker's character, and was so worried about this new take on Spider-Man, that if it was just Doc Ock I would be unhappy. I am still getting the comic, but as it is I am not sure about this new take. I think I would be more accepting if I was reading the whole thing as a trade and sort of new when it was ending. I love how Slott writes Spider-Man, and I trust him so Its not that I am unwilling to accept change or anything, its just that I don't know I guess I was expecting a more noble Doc Ock, since issue 700. I think if Peter wasn't involved then Slott might have had to alter Ock's character more. To be more noble, as he seemed like he was going to be in 700. I will say however that after the MJ issue, especially the end, I am thinking it might not be... I don't want to say bad because I never thought that (just would rather read Peter than Otto) but its worth reading I guess. Or something not so negative. He is seeming like he is starting to become as noble as he acted like at the end of 700.

The crashing through the roof didn't bug me in Earth 2, neither did Hawkgirl blasting a statue wearing a Green lantern shirt. I mean, I guess if you are a secret group and want to capture a guy then maybe you want to down play the destruction, but the Atom was maybe trying to throw the Flash off, he is fast but if he is off his center and not thinking then they could get him. And they were probably listening in with spy devices and heard that he was on to them. But the Hawkgirl thing didn't bug me at all. Just shows that she is an aggressive person, taking out her frustrations of the situation with Alan Scott while being frustrations with her friend at the same time. She doesn't want to actually kill Scott.

I was never a fan of the Adam West Batman either. But I did hear that the Batman show was only mimicking the camp in the comics at the time. That the comics had Batman fighting Bat-Mite, Batman fighting a silly slapstick Joker, giant props like giant flutes and pianos and tubes of paint. And it was very campy (I think because of the Worthum Comic Trials) so they were making it silly because the comics were forced. And the comics didn't get dark until Miller made the Dark Knight Returns and then Batman: Year One. Which I read some fan letters saying that Miller was totally destroying the Batman character by making him dark. But I don't care for them either. I do think Person of Interest is like what a Batman TV show could be like now, serious and fun, if only he had a Batman costume.

Is that how we are supposed to send in questions for James Robinson? In emails? Emails to where? Is that the best place to send in questions of all kinds? If our question wasn't asked, what is the right etiquette for getting it answered next time? Do we write the questions in again? Do we quote them? Or do we leave it alone because you will get around to them? Just curious.

In this Superhero documentary they talked about how Jason Todd was a character who just came to life, despite the writers trying, he was just this unlikable character they said. So, to the ones in the documentary, his unlikablity (spelling?) was something that just happened. They didn't try to make him unlikable, but his personality just came through. Like when writers say the story just writes itself, or once you have the character in your head clear enough his/her dialogue just writes itself.

I know a guy who worked on the Deadpool game.

On Facebook Kurt Busiek was just talking about how comics don't utilize enough the concept of recapping the characters and the stories in the comic through scenes between characters. They just assume that you know who they are and what they are doing. And I asked him, do you mean recap pages and he said he meant more than that. He meant having characters reestablish everything. He said, look at TV shows (I think) where each episode they quickly say the names of the characters and who they are and what they do in a quick way, not just exposition but through dialogue and action and set up and all that.

I would say I would be a Blue Lantern, like Barry Allen, but your "What Superhero Am I Quiz?" said I would be Green Lantern 1st (like 99%) and the Flash 2nd (98 or 95%). So I guess I would be a Green Lantern.

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I despise Steve Dillon's nowadays. Like you guys said, it's stiff and not suited for action scenes. But, if you check out Tom Veitch's Animal Man from the 90s, Dillon's art is amazing!

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@MrShway88 said:

What issue is Cassandra's Cain's 1st appearance?

Also Sara(h) has bad taste in music.

As herself: Batman #567.

As Batgirl: Batman: Legend of the Dark Knight #120.


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New Avengers was soo good, great podcast. Scott is one of my favorite writes and I always love hearing his insight.

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Tony cosplay as Namor it will drive Sara crazy.

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Sara's British accent is hilarious

Also how the hell did they not catch TDKR reference with the mutant thing?

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About the Smallville Season 11 mutant question. It's referencing The Dark Knight Returns, he looks like the mutants gang in the book.

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I didn't understand why Sarah hated Spider-Woman's costume so much. I guess I've never paid much attention to the character. After looking through several Google images I now see why. How did I never notice the huge yellow arrow pointing down at her vagina? That is hysterical. I'll never be able to look at that character without laughing again.

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Is it just me or has everyone just become way more hilarious?

I swear it seems like EVERYONE is having way more fun doing these podcasts now. Has something changed? Do C.B.S. put something in the coffee?

"Stay on target...stay on taaarget!" Tony LEANED me with that. I laughed so hard that I misfired my arrow on Skyrim and then got killed by a Novice Conjurer. NOVICE.

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I was interested in the Deadpool game, then I heard Nolan North......I really don't like that voice at all, I pretty much hate it:P

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wow G-Man is totally fan boying over New Avengers

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So Sarah believes that DC/WB will kill off the cash cow that is the character of the joker costing them millions in revenue and that JFK's murder was a CIA conspiracy?

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So this is Sarah, everyday?

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I almost thought I'd miss the weekly Greg Land bashing but they managed to slip it in.This just in: Sara hates Greg Land and Spider-Woman (oh, and Superman).

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"I'm friends with Dan...Slott from, you know, Spider-Man?"

Don't have Scott Snyder on the podcast anymore, guys. He always drops some madly obscure reference to people and characters nobody will get.

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@NightFang: Pretty close.

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I love this podcast! Missing James Robinson's unique brand of outrageous though having Snyder chime in was a real treat. You guys shouldn't grill him so hard for spoilers. Looking forward to the resolution of the current Batman arc and the upcoming Riddler story. Really like it when you guys go off on tangents especially about video games. You sure know how to make me crack up laughing. I think Cory and me are on the same wavelength about Superior Spider-Man. Peter should wait patiently in comic book limbo instead of narrating his own book. And New Avengers is INCREDIBLE! Thanks and keep up the great work.

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G-Man-hint for visiting Calendar Man in Arkham City: go to your game systems settings and reset the date for whatever holiday you need. Then go into the game and visit Calendar Man! You can do that for every date that you need...it will still take a while, but less than a year.

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I know it's been said before (not by me!), but if you guys do 1/2 stars I think it would help out with the reviewing gripers/whiners. If you like the art but not the story = 1/2 star! Or if its a filler issue = 1/2 star! Get to keep your street-cred and please the masses, plus wouldnt it be do-able since theres that site revamp coming?........... just sayin'.

"Sassy"-Sara is my 2nd favorite of all the different Sara's......

Great job as always Tony, Sara and Corey!

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@Undeadpool do u know when invincible compendium vol 2 is coming out? Thanks for recommending invincible its great!!

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For what it's worth, I just want to say that this episode was even funnier than the one starring the Sarah/Corey duet. I think the quality of everyone's banter is just skyrocketing!