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Awesome,i checked the site hoping this would be up and was not disappointed. Yessss

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Yay! James!

Edit: The star system is dumb, but the running joke is fun.

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I think the thing about the country and Steppenwolf (spelling?) is that this was a country who supported Darksied and the Apocalyptians and especially Steppenwolf, so I can see why they would just surrender to him. Because the country has been giving into Darksied's forces all along, and now they give in because like James said they know that they will be at the mercy of the World Council for their war crimes, all will most likely (all the soldiers anyway) be tried as war criminals and put to death. So they give in to Steppenwolf who can keep them from that.

Its not like this was a strong nation with a moral king and uncorrupted soldiers in the first place. This place was bad already, so a bad guy taking over and saying he will protect them from their inevitable war crime trials is reasonable I think.

The thing about Superior Spider-man and MJ is that they have not just shown a cover of him kissing her, but they showed in the original comic him ask her to get back together with him, then it turns out its not Peter. Then he says to himself in a later story, "I have taken everything from Spider-Man, and now I'm about to take something else." Refering to having sex with MJ, and using the words take makes it sounds ultra wrong. Then in the Superior Spider-Man he is just staring at her breasts while she is talking. They are sort of making him pervy, even if he never sleeps with her, the fact that they had him do those things makes him creepy.

The stuff about Johnny Storm was probably because the way they revealed it, you had no clue who it was until after right? Whereas if you knew from the start it might seem really creepy.

Also about the Soul issue, others have pointed out (to me) that Slott has gone out of his way to mention the single grain of sand or single drop of water that contains the "Soul" of Sandman or Hydro Man. They say that will probably come into play with how Peter will return, isolating the single bit of Peter's "soul" still left in Superior.

I don't think Superior Spider-Man and MJ will "hook up." Slott will find a way to get around that. Maybe Ock will get sick of her and push her aside because she annoys him or is getting in the way of his mission as Spider-Man. Or maybe MJ will push him away because he is acting strange. And remember, Carlie Cooper knows Ock was actually Peter, so she will tell her new BFF MJ. And MJ will find out at some point I think.

I also think Trapster will confront Superior Spider-Man. He was working for, and betrayed by Ock who was actually Peter. He also saw the device Peter was working on and knew it was a brain swapping machine. Now a different acting Spider-man is out there. I think he will put it all together and become a major threat.

We now know Peter has slept with Black Cat, MJ, Carlie Cooper, and his former roommate (whats her name).

Boo for not asking my James Robinson question. Kidding, but if I want it asked do I write again? Do I quote my old question? Do I leave it alone?

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I love James on these podcasts

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WHOOT Podcast Time!

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Always great to hear James on the podcast. He always just seems to appear now, and I never get the chance to ask a question specifically for him. I haven't read the issue that this podcast starts off with or read the review. Judging by the conversation, I have to side with Sara. People wouldn't just accept a popular leader being assassinated and roll over for who killed them. Not unless that leader was remarkably unpopular.

How the BLOODY HELL can you believe in cloning but not believe you can copy a person's mind into a different body? That's what the cloning did? The body was grown as a copy of the original and the memories put into it. This is the realm of comics filled with magic, science, and everything in between. People come back from the dead as a daily occurrence. That sounds more like it's not that you don't believe it's possible, but you don't want to believe it.

I was just teasing Sara about the cooking posts I've seen her make a few times. I'm practically forced to make my mac-n-cheese recipe for every family gathering.

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James makes every podcast a real treat. Think of the regular podcasts as ice cream, it good, yummy we like it (unless you're lactose intolerant). James comes on and it's like the sauce for ice cream it just makes it that bit more indulgent, with all those facts and various, sometime ennuous annicdotes.

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If feels so ling sense we've had James back!

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: In case you get James along again; I would point out that one of the reasons some of us disliked his Justice League run also has to do with how he wrote the various members, which just seemed to come out of nowhere. The most obvious/glaring example of this is how Donna was portrayed. Granted it wasn't helped by the amount of grandstanding the run contained (by this I mean how other characters expressed how happy they were with the current team), which for my money is totally unnecessary...and reminds me a bit too much of how Booster Gold used to set himself up to the public.

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Love the podcast guys, always, but Tony, you have to get use to pronouncing "CADE" and not "CA'DAY". It is a regular, non-Star Wars specific name, like Luke or Chewbacca ... no, wait ...

And besides, you don't pronounce the Green Lantern's daughter (or what use to be his daughter) as "JA'DAY do you? ;-)

Okay, end of the ribbing. Great show, week in and week out!!!!!

EDIT - And I'm pretty sure that Sienkiewicz is pronounced "Sin Kev Its"

/pronunciation police

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Awesome job on the podcast this week guys. Hope you have as much fun recording as I have while listening. I especially love it when James is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous. Can't get enough of his crazy tangents about blowing lepers and nude surfing. I can appreciate that he knows a thing or two about video games as well. Something about his accent makes the most obvious platitudes of game design sound fascinating. For the record I would totally play a first-person shooter as Sara stalking Tony with like Predator vision before moving in for the kill. As with most people I'm having a fun time reading Earth 2 and implore that he continues doing a great job.

Only things I read was Superior Spider-Man, the Rotworld books, and Earth 2. Enjoying all of them and not much else to say other than thanks and keep up the great work.

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ARGH! Got a mention!! :) Thanks guys!

Also American Gods is fantastic :)

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I thought the most shocking part of this episode was finding out doesn't own a colander.

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I don't think people were accusing Slott of having Spock rape MJ, but that it was attempt of rape and if he does have sex with MJ it would be rape. Also, the conversation was being had prior to Bleeding Cool's article on it. When Michelle Gonzales had sex with Chameleon pretending to be Peter there were complaints of it being rape. As for the skrull pretending to be Alicia, Masters, it is true that society doesn't take rape against men as seriously as they do with women. I'm also not sure if rape by deception had as much attention then as it does now. Personally, I think if Spock and MJ do have sex it would count as rape. Situations like this is much different then simply lying about your job, wealth, or interests. This is someone pretending to be a completely different person that actually, or at least, did exist. I also don't think it's similar to being drunk because when you're drunk you often still think you're you and not someone else or a different personality who has the intentions to sleep with someone while pretending to be you. I think Spock having sex with MJ is much more similar to this case http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/02/29/politics/uwire/main3894875.shtml than someone telling a white lie or being drunk.

And James mixed up the issues where it was rumored that Peter and MJ first had sex. This is the panel that takes place right after Gwen's death where MJ breaks her superficial personality and consoles him:


And this is the scene that happened after the first Clone Saga where fans speculate that Peter and MJ first had sex:


Now you may still think that it's possible that they did it right after Gwen died, but in issue 143 Peter and MJ kiss and the way MJ talks about it makes it seems like it was their first kiss. If this is the case, I find it very unlikely that they would have had sex and not share any kiss at all.

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How is dressing up in outfits in the bedroom objectifying? Is Sara serious?

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I have to disagree with you


[reyp] Show IPAnoun,verb,raped,rap·ing.noun1.theunlawfulcompellingofapersonthroughphysicalforceorduresstohavesexualintercourse.


3.statutory rape.






Work Cited


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I'm gonna have to disagree with you on slavery thing. It really depends how the particular race feels how weak or strong they are to revolt against the superior person that wants to take over them. If the entire race feels they are weak. They are gonna feel like not having a choice but to obey or not to revolt against them even when it comes to killing their queen or king. It's happened a lot in history so Robinson can be right in a way. For example, the British took over many countries and even took over their thrones in Africa or China and made them as slaves. The race for a while they thought they were too weak to revolt and fight for the independence. But eventually after many years they revolted for their independence. You're not entire wrong though. It just really depends how the race feels about themselves as a whole. So no there is no right on wrong on this because there is a "dependent" factor based on the topic.

I'm starting to notice I disagree with people all the time here. :-( I hope someday there's something I can agree with you guys on. Because I don't hate anyone here.

By the way Robinson choose to play Borderlands first because Borderlands is better than Mass Effect! :-P (just kidding)

Robinson I can't believe you said Wolverine can hold his piss as he is fighting Dr. Doom. I honestly don't think that possible. Lmao XD

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Thanks for the shout out guys!

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To be honest I wasn't sure I liked James. Seemed like kind of a jerk. But after hearing his likes and what he does other than writing comics and the joking with Sara (knowing that they were joking) it was cute. Then when Tony read the questions and James said hi to the ones that wrote in and their names; it's nice to be acknowledged. So, my initial thoughts on James were totally wrong and I'm glad he comes in from time to time to add a little something different to the podcasts.

And if James reads this I want to apologize for my initial reaction and I wanted to state that. (When I'm wrong I feel the need to clear the air and say, "Hey,I was wrong about you," even if I'm the only one who knows). Or Tony, if you read this, if you would let him know what I said. Thanks guys for an amazing show to listen to every week. Later.

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@iceslick: Rape by deception - a crime in which the perpetrator has the victim's sexual consent and compliance, but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements or actions.

In the example I provided, the woman consented to what she thought was her boyfriend, not her boyfriend's brother. There's a difference between a white lie and physically pretending to be someone else.

Also, don't quote the dictionary like I'm some kind of idiot. I know full well what the general presumption of what rape is.