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Posted by RustyShackleford

Huzzah! Will listen to right after work. Thanks guys!

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Posted by D9000

Lol, Tony looks good in a Red Robin costume.

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Posted by redmanta

yes do this next week

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Posted by backupgoalie

Great podcast guys. My wife and I listen every week.

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Not to be that "um actually" guy but if I remember correctly, the original plan was for the Lucas museum to be in the San Francisco area but it didn't work out (not sure why) so they moved it to Chicago, where his wife is from.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Remember that Netherrealm also make Mortal Kombat so it's not like they went straight into making Injustice 2 after the first one.

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It was funny how Tony woke up when they started talking about comics!

Love the new "format"!

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Posted by D9000

Thanks for the tip on how to watch Preacher. I had planned to record it but I've had to cut my cable temporarily so that idea's out. Hopefully the stream works in Canada.

I hope we get to find out what cory's up to. The suspense is killing me.

I'm all for the Summer format for Supper Massive. I'd like to hear the about Civil War 2 personally.

Mat's feud with Friends of the Parks sounds like something that's going on here in Ottawa. Some charity group that builds playgrounds wants to build a massive, Canada themed playground in this big park but nearby residents are protesting against it! I can't understand these people.


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I thought that scene where the 2 guys talk to the Sheriff was a flashback... but it seems I was wrong watching this new episode.

Just wanted to point that out. Great show, thanks a lot, and I LOVE Preacher so far. Best new television show IMHO, and I can't wait to see where they go with it and to see the Saint of Killers in action.