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Plutonia is a member of the Imperial Guard, a multi-ethnic group of super-powered alien beings who act as enforcers of the laws of the Shi' ar Empire.


Plutonia was created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey and first appeared in New X-Men #124 (2002).

Mayor Story Arcs

New X-Men

Just passing through
Just passing through

She was one of the team members of the Imperial Guard who were sent to attack the X-Men by orders of Lilandra who was at the time under the mental control of Charles Xavier's mutant twin sister Cassandra Nova. She discovered her fellow Guardsman and lover, Cassandra Nova, who had been sent to Earth by Lilandra prior to her possession to warn the X-Men of Nova's actions. She along side her other Imperial Guardsman help defeat Nova and free Lilandra.

X-men Kingbreaker

Plutonia was ordered by Vulcan to battle the Starjammers with the rest of the Imperial Guard members. They did so and managed to capture some of them.

Realm of Kings

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she discovers thats not smasher
she discovers thats not smasher

She fights along side the Imperial Guard in a battle against the creatures of the Fault. During the fight the Imperial Guard discover Talon disguised as Smasher and confronts him. Plutonia takes the two amulets from behind Talon's back. Talon tells them that he is on their side and that he is there to help. Gladiator arrives and is about to kill Talon but Talon manages to convince him that he's not responsible for the murder of Lilandra and that DarkHawk (Chris Powell) is. He tells Gladiator that he has two Amulets that could help the Imperial Guards fight againest the fault by turing two volunteers into Raptors. Plutonia and Mentor volunteer to become Raptors and than head out to fight the inhabitants of the Fault.



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