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Giant Metal Dinosaurs For The Win!

Ah, Planetoid. You were a fun little romp.

Was this issue worth the long wait since the last issue? Yea. We get a lot of action that could have felt more tied up if the book was on a monthly schedule, but I'm not complaining too much.

By a single issue metric, this book is somewhat jarring. You get that a war is going on but you don't fully understand the sacrifice made at the end. Hell, even the epilogue was a little beyond me until I started thinking more about the first issue, then it all looped together.

The story ends somewhat predictably, but there was enough throughout the series that made the journey worth the ride. The art alone was spectacular. I loved the overall feeling and look of the series enough so that if any more stories are published in this world then I would pick them up.

I'm now wondering if this would have been a series that I would buy in a trade. Thinking back to the first issue, and if I got that issue free to try, then this would have been a purchase I would be satisfied with. There is potential for Garing in this series. I don't know if this is his first go around with his own solo work, but it is something that I find intriguing and want to see more from him. This feels like a semi-pro about to discover what works for him, and I'm glad I was there to enjoy it.


Words: 7/10

Pictures: 8/10

General Feeling After Reading: Goodness.

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