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The five Planeteer rings were gifted to the five teenagers of the Planeteer Team by Gaia, who summoned them to use the rings to defend the planet from criminal and environmental threats. Gi, Kwame, Linka, Ma-Ti and Wheeler are the five Planeteers, with the rings of water, earth, wind, heart and fire, respectively. When the situation grows difficult, the five kids combine all the powers of their rings to summon Captain Planet, a superhero who gets the team out of every situation. They all have to be present and have to activate their powers specifically in order to summon Captain Planet, though, and say "Let our powers combine" beforehand and "Go Planet!" afterwards.  
Earth: This ring allows the wearer (Kwame) to control the element of earth for a short time.
Fire: This ring allows the wearer (Wheeler) to control the element of fire for a short time.
Wind: This ring allows the wearer (Linka) to control the element of wind for a short time.
Water: This ring allows the wearer (Gi) to control the element of water for a short time.
Heart: This ring allows the wearer (Ma-ti) to communicate telepathically with animals (and, of course, Gaia), and to create a sense of love and caring in people's hearts for the welfare of the planet.  
Gaia, who summoned and founded the team, can also communicate telepathically with the wearers of the five Planeteer rings at any time.  
For all the Planeteer rings, being in the presense of anything harmful to the environment (pollution, toxic waste, ect.) weakens their powers, and the weakening can be so severe that they lose their powers altogether and are unable to summon Captain Planet. Captain Planet's abilities can weaken and his abilities disappear in the same way. Gaia is tied with the well-being of the planet, and she weakens as the health of the planet decreases.

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