Where did this happen?

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Apparently Jean's known as the white crown phoenix or something. When and where did this happen?

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Classic X-Men #43 (1990)
X-Men Forever #3 (2001)
New X-Men #154 (2004)
Phoenix Endsong #5 (2005)

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I've not read the Warsong or Endsong series.  I think it ties in with some of those stories.  However, I've read somewhere (but I can't remember where) that it was all an alternate universe... so I don't know what to believe. 

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@warlock360:  X-men Forever isn't canon
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@xerox-kitty: well you're probably talking about the white hot room 
A full list of appearances isn't full without out of continuity content ; )
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WPOTC first appears during the Here Comes Tomorrow storyline.

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It's basically the Phoenix at its most pure, with its purpose its sole reason for existence (unlike when its semi-Jeanified and it feels like being annoying) which is to "burn away that which does not work". Which was Sublime at the time, as he was an evolutionary dead end.
That's my understanding at least.

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@warlock360:  Good point. 
Thank you, everyone! It sounds fairly confusing, but at least now I have a starting point :)
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@Squares: Did you want the exact issue where she appeared or were you more looking for a description of what WPotC is?
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Both would be nice, but I'm more looking for a specific period in the X-men timeline to refer to.

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