Rundown of Phoenix/Phoenix Force TPBs that are worth reading?

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Inspired by Dark Phoenix's appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3, I am looking to collect any stories relating to both the Phoenix Force and Jean Grey in particular. Starting with which printing of The Dark Phoenix Saga is the best one to get (without spending the absolute most money possible), and going on from there. Any suggestions are welcome!

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In addition to the Dark Phoenix Saga trade, I would recommend getting:
1. X-Men: Phoenix Rising
2. X-Men: Phoenix Endsong
3. X-Men: Phoenix Warsong
4. Uncanny X-Men: Volume 2

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@Edamame:  Thank you very much. :)
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You may also be interested in looking at some other hosts of the Phoenix force. As Edamame suggested, the Warsong arc is an excellent choice in terms of reading, and one that I'd highly suggest. However, it might be worthwhile to take a look at some of the arcs involving Rachel Grey, the second-most prominent wielder of the force. She's involved in Excalibur up to around 1999, I believe, and Grey's End in particular would be worthwhile to look at, if not just to re-introduce the theme of Phoenix as an intergalactic entity.

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