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Phillip Milford and his wife Betsy Milford went on a safari vacation where Phillip killed his wife with a rifle and blamed it as an accident while he was hunting a lion. Shanna and her friend Leonard received a report of a maneater south east of the Ngorongo Crater and saw Phillip in tears. Shanna decided to investigate and go after this so called maneater. Shanna found the lion and realized it was an escaped lion from Jack Bingham's ranch named Sultan that would never hurt anyone. Shanna brought the lion to Phillip and shot him with a tranquilizer dart. Phillip confessed to the murder of his wife and had rigged the fang and claw marks. The dart was empty and Shanna walked away with Sultan.  


Phillip Milford was created by Bruce Jones in 1989 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents # 13.

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