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Prince Pharoxx grew up on the planet of Orando, once his uncle King Voxv died suddenly he challenges his cousin Princess Projectra and her "second" Karate Kid for the right to rule as king of Orando. During the battle he over comes Projectra due to her over reliance of her illusion powers,thanks to his immunity gained by sorceress royal Hagga, following her defeat he begins a physical battle with Karate Kid with Pharoxx being forced to use his sorcery powers in able to defeat the vastly more skilled Karate Kid. Following his victory over the duo, he orders there execution for noon the next day, but not before Karate Kid is able to send a message to the rest of the Legion of Super Heroes.
Afterwards he and Hagga attend the execution of his cousin, only for it to be interrupted by the arrival of Mon-El, Ultra Boy, Shadow Lass, and Dream Girl. Following Mon-El defeating Pharoxx, the group is incapacitated by a spell from Hagga,only for Dream Girl and Shadow Lass to use trickery to escape. With the two Legionnaires defeating Hagga, they are soon forced into another battle with magical constructs summoned by Pharoxx in desperation, as he is defeated in combat by Karate Kid,costing him his chance at being king.

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