Rest In Peace Jackie Cooper: Perry White Actor Died Aged 88

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Many of us grew up believing that a man could fly.  But Superman couldn't exist without Clark Kent, and Clark wouldn't have been in the right place at the right time if he wasn't an investigative reporter.  And as the editor in chief of the Daily Planet it was Perry White who was responsible for keeping Superman in Metropolis.


"Yes, Chief"

Just as there have been many actors who have pulled on the blue tights, several actors have also puffed on cigars.  Some even called on the spirit of 'Great Caesar's Ghost'.  But in my humble opinion, few have been able to fill the shoes of Jackie Cooper, who played Perry opposite Christoper Reeves' Superman.


He'd been a successful child actor, served in the US Navy during the War and even went on to become an award-winning director on M*A*S*H.  In 1982 Mr Cooper released an autobiography entitled 'Please Don't Choot My Dog' which was named after a situation in which he was a child & his dog's life was threatened in order to make him cry.  Mr Cooper went on to campaing for the rights of child actors.  He retired at age 67 in 1989, having worked for 64 years.  Today the news has broken that Jackie Cooper passed away on Tuesday 03 May 2011 in Santa Monica.  


Just as Christopher Reeves was my Superman, Jackie Cooper was 'my' Perry White.  I hope everyone will join me in sending my sincerest condolences to his family.    



Jackie Cooper As Perry White


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Condolences to the family.  I always thought he was the best version of Perry White represented in live action media.  --Jim

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seconded , sad loss
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On eminute of silence, please.

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