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When the Dark Gods were on the world of Narcisson they met with an Asgardian named Lonkarr. Lonkarr then attacked Tserron who was one of the dark gods and he slayed her. Her spouse named Perrikus attacked Lonkarr but, the Dark Gods let him go so Perrikus would want revenge on the Asgardian. When they learned where the Asgardian lived which was Asgard Perrikus and all of the Dark Gods attacked them. It showed that the Dark Gods were to much for the Asgardians to handle and won the battle. Odin from Asgard had to have his son Thor give him a boost in his spirits so that Odin could fight on. Odin and the rest of the gods fought the Dark Gods again but the time they defeated them. So Odin the banished them to the farthest reaches of the universe. Soon the Dark Gods and Perrikus would return for revenge. They took Asgard by surprise and took over the city. They even tortured Odin in cruel ways. When Thor returned he himself could not defeat Perrikus in battle and was defeated. So Thor left and gathered an army of his own and attacked the Dark Gods and made them fall back far enough so he could free Odin. So now they would once and for all to get rid and destroy the Dark Gods.They got rid of the Dark Gods forever or thats what they thought. Later when Odin was slain by a demon named Surtur, Thor was given Odin powers and became lord of Asgard. Thor would try to help Earth by getting the Asgardians involved. But Zarrko the tomorrow man joined the government and on the hundredth day that the Asgards had been on earth Zarko attacked them. He pulled the Dark Gods Perrikus from the time stream and told Perrikus if he could defeat Thor and put Asgard back to where it came from he would become the new ruler for Asgard. He agreed and as soon as he got started Perrikus wanted Thor first. Now Perrikus was powerful as ever and didn't have as many gods to deal with after taking a lot of them out quietly. But, when Thor picked up the axe of the Executioner that he regretted his decision. Thor for a moment became almost evil and chopped off Perrikus's arm and threatened to kill him unless he told him who gave him the plan to do this and he did tell him. It was unrevealed what would happen to Perrikus after that.



Perrikus had super strength, endurance, and was nearly invulnerable. He is a skilled warrior. He also wields a deadly spear. He has destroyed Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, before with his scythe.

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