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Per Degaton
Per Degaton
Per Degaton
Per Degaton

In 1942, a group called Time Trust was working on a project so that try could go into the future and retrieve a bomb-proof shield to help fight World War II. At this time Per Degaton becomes obsessed with time travel, making his goal to one day travel in time. However, when the Justice Society went 500 years into the future and retrieved a formula to make the bomb proof shield, Per Degaton was so jealous he sabotages the formula and quits Time Trust. He then joined another secret science department called Project M, where he meets Mekanique, a time traveling robot. Together they try to take over the All-Star Squadron, but are defeated by the Young All-Stars. During the battle Mekanique's body is destroyed, however Per Degaton salvages her head, which he carries around with him and eventually falls in love with.

In 1947 Degaton, Professor Malachi Zee, a former member of the Time Trust, and Mechanique together create a time machine. Trying to steal the machine, Degaton shoots Zee who falls into the machine, sending Degaton 40 years into the future. Mekanique suggests that they wait for the machine to reappear, but this idea drives Degaton into a lunatic rage. He buries Mekanique’s head, and heads on his own journey. Per Degaton joins the Injustice Society of the World and fought the Justice Society. He leads an army of prison escapees in an assault on Washington D.C. but is defeated by the JSA and spends the next 30 years in prison.

When he gets out, he joins his old Injustice Society partner Brain Wave and together they try to destroy the JSA but again fail and Per Degaton is sent to jail for 10 years.

When he his released he builds Mechanique and together they fight Infinity Inc. Suddenly, Dr. Zee's time machine appeared with a 1947 Degaton and Zee, who is dying from a bullet. The paradox of two Degatons in one place destroyed the older Degaton. Mechanique, not wanting to be betrayed again, killed the younger Degaton as well as herself.

A version of Per Degaton joins the Time Stealers.

Monument Point

After several years, Degaton makes his presence known to the Justice Society once again. At the time of Degaton's reappearance, Jay Garrick becomes mayor of Monument Point because the original mayor was killed by Doctor Chaos. Doctor Chaos was hired by Senator Eagin to scare off the Justice Society thereby forcing them to leave Monument Point because their new headquarters sits on top of a government secret and Senator Eagin fears the Justice Society will uncover it. It is for this reason that Per Degaton returns to the present time. Whatever lies beneath Monument Point has got Degaton running scared and he will do anything to prevent a cataclysmic event from occurring.

Degaton attacks Hourman by reverting him back to a baby then he makes his way towards the corridors of the JSA's new base. Degaton's attack on the JSA was short lived when Alan Scott unleashed the full extent of the Starheart. Alan instructs Jesse Quick to lock up Degaton in a holding cell for further interrogation. Degaton instructs Jesse that something rests beneath Monument Point. However, Degaton cryptically implies that it will be Jesse's fault for the coming events or the JSA will be responsible for destructive aftermath that Degaton has witnessed in the future.


Even though Degaton is dead, because he is a time traveler he can still show up at any time. When Zee died, Degaton stole his devices. While his history is his main history, each time he appears it is called a Chronal Duplicate. Each Chronal Duplicate has had different powers at times. Some could see into the future and others could turn intangible. Each was very tactical and could lead anybody into battle.

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