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Josie’s best friend in the original comics, and, until the 1969 renovation, one of the main five characters (along with Josie, Melody, Albert and Alex). She had short-cropped black hair, conservative spectacles, wore clothes that were less formfitting than her friends, and was noted for her sharp wit and cynical nature. She dated Sock, but to his frustration, she preferred to remain emotionally reserved when it came to boys. The original comic focused on three girls (redhead, brunette and blonde) who were frequently seen together, but Pepper was dropped from the comics and replaced by Valerie. This change has no explanation, as Albert and Pepper’s roles are similar to their replacements’. Oddly, however, Pepper made a small cameo appearance in Part 3 of 2007’s “Civil Chore” in Tales From Riverdale (Alan M. was notably absent).

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