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The Final Issue of this long running series.

6 page Archie story "The Big Chase"

Archie and the gang are in a ski chalet watching a video of last years Sadie Hawkins race. They decide to run the race again. Archie finds himself in a no-win situation as Betty and Veronica both want to catch him. Jughead has his own problem with Big Ethel practicing to catch him. The following day the race starts and the boys get a head start. Jughead has worn a slick vinyl suit so when Ethel goes to grab him she misses and gets their ski instructor Eric Yodel instead. Archie evades both Betty and Veronica by jumping on the back of a snowmobile. Thinking it's a guy and he's safe, the divers helmet is removed to reveal Midge,who wants to take Archie because he can dance and Moose can't. At the dance Jughead realizes he's out smarted himself as he see's a fantastic buffet but can't get in without a date. But he's not as bad of as Archie who's on the run again, this time from Moose.

1 page Moose activity "Futures Scramble"

Half page Archie story "Best Test "

Archie breaks a date to study for a test that ends up getting canceled.

Half page Veronica story "Roughing It"

Veronica has to wait in line for concert tickets like everyone else but she does it in her own style.

5 page Sabrina the Teenage Witch story "Spell Spiel"

Sabrina and her aunts arrive at a ski resort but there's no snow. Seeing a unhappy family leaving Sabrina wants to make snow but Aunt Hilda tells her not to fool with mother nature and that snow is on the way. Sabrina uses magic to flatten the family's car tire and the snow arrives to the family's amusement. Sabrina decides to go skiing and see's an obnoxious snow-mobiler heading towards the family, so she magically makes a huge snow ball fall of a cliff to stop him. She then uses magic to help a shy couple get acquainted by stopping the chairlift they're riding. After riding their skis like broomsticks to the top of the hill, Sabina's Aunt Hilda tells her she has only one thing to say about all the magic she's been using, she's proud.

5 page Miss Beazly story "The Cafeteria Blues"

Miss Beazly starts to wonder if she's appreciated. Mr.Weatherbee is angry with her in the mornings until after she's served him his breakfast. The students arrive in hordes, insult her food and then throw half of it away. Never seeming to know how much work goes into to making it. Just when Miss Beazly and her staff are completely fed up, Mr.Weatherbee summons her to the gym where she finds all the students and a cake wishing her a happy twentieth anniversary at Riverdale High School.

1 page Archie story "Bag Gag"

As Dilton is admiring Archie's school backpack, Archie starts telling him how much stuff it can hold. Portable radio, earphone, sneakers, Lunch. Dilton's bag just holds books. "Books?" says Archie, "what a great idea!"

1 page Archie story "Snow Snafu"

Archie complains to Betty on Monday that where they're skiing needs more snow. Tuesday still no snow. Wednesday, the chairlift they're riding breaks down and they get stuck on it. Just after Archie wonders aloud what could go wrong next, a snow storm starts.

5 page Mr.Weatherbee story "The Cure"

Mr.Weatherbee gets very upset every time he hears Archie's name. Mrs.Grundy suggests he see a hypnotist she heard about on the radio. Mr.Weatherbee makes an appointment and gets hypnotized. Under hypnosis he starts to realize that the accidents involving Archie always turn out for the best. He returns to school a new man and can face Archie without a problem. But now when he hears the name Jughead Jones, he explodes with rage.

Note: Though technically part of the "Copper Age" of comics (or Modern age depending on how you choose to organize past comics) the art style in consistent with the Bronze Age comics published by Archie Comics.

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