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Young Captain Adventure (Episode 2: X-Cessive Proposal)
The sex continues between Hericane and Young Captain Adventure and they take it to the skies where the vigorous love-making takes place in mid-flight (much to the dismay of a miserable New Yorker complaining about the downpour of sticky stuff) and as the two naked superheroes relax on a cloud, Darkblood fires a blast into the cloud from his office building, making sure that it was legal due to their indecent behavior in his airspace, and Young Captain Adventure plummets to the Earth. Hericane also falls, and manages to land naked in an alleyway where a man's lover has just broken up with him. However, just when he thinks it's his lucky day she flies off to the Team Supreme headquarters where she asks her team to help her rescue the kidnapped Captain Adventure. The team is too concerned about their income and refuse to help Hericane so she takes matters into her own hands and bursts into Darkblood's office where he promises to return Joey to her if she agrees to spend one night with him. She agrees and their lawyers negotiate the profits and the whole thing gets set up on Pay-Per-View for $69.95. Unfortunately for Darkblood, only moments into their passionate on-screen sex, Hericane takes things to the next level and it's a little rougher then he could handle. So, to save his own penis from certain destruction he gives in to her demand about the whereabouts of Joey, and it turns out Darkblood never captured him in the first place and someone else had gotten to him first. The story ends with Joey captured by a villainess who goes by the name, Bad Girl!

Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny (Episode I: Elenore & Franklin)
It's 1939, and in the basement of the White House, FDR watches as Joanna Dare demonstrates her newfound abilities on a group of soldiers. He finally calls it off at the bidding of his wife and he asks Dr. Dare to come with him to the Oval Office where they can discuss things in private. She goes over the origins of her abilities, seen last issue, and offers her services to America in this War. But the President refuses, in part due to her being a woman, and because America is still neutral in this war. He then has her proposal filed away with a numerous amount of files that would intrigue any conspiracy theorist. Back in Germany, Agent D dominates another woman and after receiving her sexual satisfaction, kills her, all before her Fuhrer. She then asks Hitler what will be done of Joanna Dare but he is more intent on the Spear of Destiny and commands her to go to Africa and fetch it for him. Back in the White House, a dinner party is being thrown in the anniversary of Teddy Roosevelt's death and in attendance is Pat Pike (Captain Adventure). He exits the party early to have sexual intercourse with Joanna Dare, initiating her change into her super-powered form. Then, in walks Eleanor Roosevelt. She waits for them to dress themselves then informs them of their mission to go to Central Africa and rescue American spy, Amelia Earhart. Pat is at first wary of partnering with Joanna but after she demonstrates her powers, he seems complacent. While flying over Africa the next day, however, Agent D shoots their plane down and they are forced to parachute into African tribal territory, specifically a tribe who ties them to a stake and dances around them with torches...

Libby in the Lost World (Episode 2: Man of a Thousand Faces)
Libby has come to enjoy the sexual pleasures of her new husband, Ugah Boogah, but the city girl in her still dreams of returning to civilization one day and if that's to happen she's going to need to teach Ugah Boogah to shape up and fit in with some of the accepted norms in society, step number one, getting rid of his mask! He refuses and she decides it's war and goes through a series of scenarios in trying to unmask him, all of them failing miserably and during which she ends up coming across dinosaurs and other unpleasant environmental hazards until finally he begins to unmask when she becomes unsure if forcing him is a right decision. Suddenly a dinosaur foot slams down beside him and the unmasking is halted, her "sign from God".

Scion (Episode 2: The Chase)

Pets (Episode 1: There Was A Time...)

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