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Getting Reckless? 0

This book picks up right where the last one left off, Batman embarrassing Penguin in the one place where he is respected. Then it continues in the same vein as the last book - going back and forth between Mr Cobblepot's past and present. The art is done masterfully and we get almost cinematic transitions. Sometimes it can be a little confusing to tell if a speech bubble belongs in the present or past, but it's not too hard. Overall, we get the picture of someone what was made ruthless through hi...

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Ugly Man 0

This is an amazing book, well written, and makes you care for this monster of a man even more than last time. We continue where we left off from the last issue and we see Oswald's breaking point. He tries so very hard to be loved and even by the one who loves him most he finds betrayal and hatred from those that should love him. We also get to see that when he looks in the mirror he imagines himself to as what he thinks Batman must be under the costume and from that you can begin to see a part o...

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The Devil's Teardrops 0

The Story: The Penguin's childhood is explored further as we find out how some of his family members died.  My Thoughts:Gregg Hurwitz has been tasked without his five issue mini-series that explores the Penguin's origins. Penguin is often a Batman villain who doesn't get the recognition he deserves. I admit even I wasn't always crazy about him but from these first two issues, I find him fascinating.  Most of this issue centers around flashbacks of Penguin's past. We see more of his childhood and...

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Beautiful Boy? 0

I picked up issue #2 completely skeptical of anyone's ability to hold my attention long enough for five issues of a Penguin origin story, boy was I wrong. After reading issue #1, I was spellbound by Szymon Kurdanski's art and Gregg Hurwitz's clear grasp of the human condition. It's very often we see in superhero stories the very black and white nature of good vs. evil, but it's never quite so simple. The most gruesome of Gotham's killers and thieves have a nefarious wanderlust that always seem t...

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