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Spasm's (Spaz to his friends) name is Paul Blackwell.  He's 22-year-old white guy from Denver.  His wildcard expressed when he was very young.  For a while, he kept his power secret, using it to win at head-to-head video games by glancing over at his opponent and causing violent sneezing any time the game got too close. At his high school graduation, he made the principal -- a heavyset man in his sixties -- orgasm at the podium.  Eventually, the while thing became too funny not to share.

One of the All-American types, Paul is a decent-looking, clean-cut kind of guy who looks at the whole "super-power" thing as kind of like having a trick shoulder you can use to win bar bets.  He tends to think of little beyond getting a decent job (or if there's some way to get rich, hey, that would be cool), getting married (but later, in like ten of fifteen years after he's dated a lot more), and settling down (you know, eventually).  And this superpower thing with the orgasm pretty much always gets him a second date. . .

He's entered American Hero because it gets him on TV, and how cool is that?  He talks about starting his own business, but asked privately, his mother expects that any money he wins from this, he'll probably use to pay off his credit cards -- they're a little high right now -- and maybe get a snowmobile.  People with strong political/social concerns confuse him.

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