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Paris's real name is Liam Mendoza and his life wasn't really great to begin with. His mother and father lived somewhere in California. His mom had a job as a waitress and his dad's job was making meth and dealing it, along with running a dog-fighting ring. Because of his dad's job, Liam looked after the dogs until one day they where taken by animals services and to give his customers a show his father made Liam fight a bigger and older boy.

At the time Paris was only 5 and he was almost killed, but he then struck at a weak spot in the boy, winning the fight. This was the first time that Paris showed his unique skill of finding the right spot to hit in a fight and soon his dad began to have his son fight against other kids - usually those of the customers. During one fight night the opponent didn't show so Liam' dad chose to use one of the dogs, but since Paris was their friend they just played together instead of fighting, and Paris's father then shot the dog. He wanted to kill too, but Paris dodged it and his dad instead shot the guy who'd been holding him. Paris then freed the dogs who promptly killed everyone there - even his father. Not knowing what else to do, he grew up fighting for money even in his teenage years and soon the law caught up with him, but he was sent to the army instead of prison where he soon rose up and joined the special forces. This was how he got the name Paris - named after the Trojan that shot the invulnerable Greek hero Achilles in the ankle, his only weak spot.

Stormwatch P.H.D.
Stormwatch P.H.D.

After more time making a name for himself he became apart of the non-powered super team Stormforce which worked with Stormwatch. Paris's group worked out of New York and was a small section team. Later the team had been sent along with the super-powered Stormwatch to catch Deathtrap but Stormforce was exterminated, save for Paris who used his skills to cause Deathtrap to retreat. This action made Jackson King aware of Paris and he was asked to join Stormwatch Post Human Division. Meanwhile Stormforce was replaced with robots.

Major Story Arcs

World's End

Standing against WildC.A.T.s.
Standing against WildC.A.T.s.

After the Reaper clones destroyed the world, Paris survived and had a want to create a place that the animals could call home. His want is heard by the superhuman Tumbleweed who uses his powers to create a garden for the animals. Paris, along with members of the Kindred, guard it and make all other humans stay out. Soon the WildC.A.T.s team becomes aware of the Garden, believing it to be the Garden made by the First Engineer.

They go there hoping to find the nano-tech of the forest and use it to save the world, but Paris and Grifter get into a fight that the others can only watch. After Voodoo decides to get in the middle and is knocked out by Paris, Maul goes berserk and starts tearing up the forest. After Voodoo calms him down the team learns the truth of the Garden. They also discover that Tumbleweed must remain in the garden to keep it alive so he cannot leave to make more.

Powers & Abilities

Paris is an amazing fighter but possess no real superhuman abilities. He is trained in martial arts and other forms of close combat due to his Special Forces training. Due to a very unusual and ruff upbringing, Paris has developed an instinct for finding a weak spot on an opponent and using it to defeat them. This lets him beat even super-powered combatants no other human could hope to win against.

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