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This is the question on every DC fans lips at the moment. And we've yet to get a proper answer, but we've received many a hint these past number of weeks. Pandora was introduced in the Flashpoint Story Arc as the the Mysterious Hooded Woman at the centre of the Amalgamation of the DCU, Wildstorm and Vertigo Universes, and was then featured in the New 52 #1s and Batman #2, and then subsequently in a backup in Justice League #6, which gave us new inklings of information.

Benevolent Observer or Acting For Her Own Ends?
Benevolent Observer or Acting For Her Own Ends?

What We Know:

  • Pandora is powerful, there is no doubt about that. She has clearly observed the Multiverse for a long time, and may be the cause of the merging of the DCU, Wildstorm and Vertigo Universes. However, we are not certain if she did it herself or if she was merely the cause of The Flash doing it. There are hints at both, in the way Barry Allen ran through time and space, but then one particular Phantom Stranger quote throws me. "You rewrote reality." This is a suggestion of great power on her part.
  • She is immortal. This is clear from the suggestion that she is one of the 'Three Sinners', presumably those in history or myth who have unleashed atrocities on mankind. This also suggests she is THE Pandora, from Greek Myth. This is also supported by the Phantom Stranger quote, "Death, Disease, Torment. Don't tell me you've grown fond of what you've unleashed." Along with that, she is in possession of 'The Box', another connotation towards the Myth.
  • Pandora has a connection to the roots of the DC Universe, that much is clear. She has connections to the Spectre, The Phantom Stranger (Who I am beginning to believe is the Gospel's Judas), and The Spectre. She is connected to the Holy side of the universe, which is strange, but also intriguing.
  • She may not be the benevolent entity that some believe her to be, she is clearly acting for her own ends. She wants to be free of the curse that was laid upon her when she unleashed the evils that she did upon mankind. She is also willing to force the Justice League's hand in achieving this.

So we know these things about Pandora, and we were content with this information, but now an apparent viral campaign by DC is posing even more questions to us. It appears that she seeks to defeat or kill the 'Third', or the 'Third Sinner'. But we seem to have been told who that was...

Truly the Curse of Shazam?
Truly the Curse of Shazam?


In this viral campaign, we are given this particular quote:

And with the clouds, the lightning comes.
And he dreams that he can hide! Hide from ME, within that mortal boy!?!?
There has always been a light to cast him out of darkness
Let there be light

So it appears that our mysterious 'Third Sinner', is either the wizard Shazam, or Captain Marvel. This connects with the very mysterious title of the upcoming Captain Marvel backup that we will see in the pages of Justice League, "The Curse of Shazam". This is intriguing, as we are seeing a certain cohesion within the universe because of it. Each of these things are happening for a reason, and that reason may lead to a nuclear scale fallout.

However, that's not the only thing this campaign has revealed about our mysterious Pandora. In fact, it has resulted in even more questions.

Pandora's Puppet, or Willing Soldier?
Pandora's Puppet, or Willing Soldier?

The New Questions:

  • One of the quotes from this viral campaign is, "Raven and Zealot are at the ready, as are the soldiers they command.
    All in my name. All for Pandora." Yes, this is interesting as it gives us some insight as to their position in the new universe, but what is even more intriguing is the tone in that single quote. It is somewhat malicious, and somewhat self-important. Is Pandora controlling them? Who are the armies that Raven and Zealot have at their commands? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!
  • Why is Shazam cursed? It is clear that he may be the 'Third Sinner', but what grave sin did he commit? Pandora potentially opened the mythical box, The Phantom Stranger seems to be Judas (Anyone else notice the pieces of silver around his neck?), but who is Shazam? What other figure committed a sin that damned mankind?
  • Will this be the crossover we have been teased for so long? Will there be an all out war between the Three Sinners, with it culminating in massive fallout? There are so many things that could happen because of this, but the question is...what will happen?



Bleeding Cool Article: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/03/03/breaking-pandoras-code/

Account registered after New User Registration on the DC Message Boards was discontinued: http://dcboards.warnerbros.com/web/profile.jspa?userID=1022003079


So, I hope you found this little article-thingy interesting, hopefully I'll be able to keep it up. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter or something, I might ramble occasionally about comics.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/WhySoCarefree

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Where's a link to this viral campaign?

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intresting, also 
@WhySoCarefree@Baddamdog said:

Where's a link to this viral campaign?

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For some reason I thought she was...

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Well she does look exactly like Zealot

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also cant wait for Shazam

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She looks like Liandra from Fallen Angel.

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Quick update for people. This was a going away prank/hoax type thing to make the last day of DC's message board memorable.

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I thought the box was of course Pandora's Box but also the Mother Box

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I wouldnt put too much into the 'viral' quote from the DC boards, could just be some fan that thought it would be cool (like there's one user on CV who's presented himself as Raven's son).

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Moderator Online
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From what I've seen, we still don't really know if this was a simple prank, or if it carries weight. The user that apparently ran it found a 'loophole', which I find far fetched. We'll see once we read The Curse of Shazam if any of this info is valid.

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Interesting theory...

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There were a series of forum threads a short period of time before the DC Message Boards were closed. I've linked them in the blog post.

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This is quite interesting.

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Who is Pandora?

Loading Video...

there question answered

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Looking for some reviews about this book Pandora's Potential by Peter J Farley then I stumble to this page and now I have another Pandora to search about. haha just recently I got interested to comic and the more I get interested the more I realize that my knowledge is so little and there's so much more than the main characters in justice league. I wonder if i'll get to see Pandora in the flash series.

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