DC's 'The New 52' Mystery Woman Name Revealed

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#101 Posted by MoonKnight91 (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool i guess?

i dont know how to respond to this.

#102 Posted by ulrich200 (97 posts) - - Show Bio

@DarthShap said:

So if she is Pandora, does DC consider the New 52 to be all the evils of mankind? ^^

Guess I understand now why they remind me so much of the 90's. :D

Perfect comment is perfect.

#103 Posted by ulrich200 (97 posts) - - Show Bio

Let me guess; she'll restore the old DC if the sales fall before next summer.

#104 Posted by Diamondblade (64 posts) - - Show Bio

She's the joker in the deck. can be an answer for every question about the restart of dc.

#105 Posted by PhoenixoftheTides (4481 posts) - - Show Bio

Is Pandora the Pink Ranger? Anyway, kind of underwhelming name so far and not really sure how they can keep her from feeling like a Reboot Fairy unless she's not really behind the changes.

#106 Posted by Static Shock (50638 posts) - - Show Bio
@Thunderscream said:


Please add something relevant to the topic next time you respond. Thanks. 
#107 Posted by ReVamp (23014 posts) - - Show Bio

Fail-Safe plan is Fail-Safe

#108 Posted by Thunderscream (2166 posts) - - Show Bio

@Static Shock: I felt a fart was relevant and self explanatory

#109 Posted by CrimsonTempest (340 posts) - - Show Bio
@BatClaw89 said:

@CrimsonTempest: Don't ever compare the garbage that Marvel writes to the great story telling and characters that DC comics produces.

Okay, fair enough. Just saying.
#110 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29887 posts) - - Show Bio

@BatMark_ said:

For some reason she strikes me as a character who would appear in Doctor Who... Anyone else getting the vibes?

If she was in Series 5 with the Pandorica, yeah. I could see that.

#111 Posted by Queen's Halo (2483 posts) - - Show Bio

#112 Posted by KidSupreme (854 posts) - - Show Bio

@fACEmelter88: Nah you're totally right, you totally hit the nail on the head, and I agree with you 1001%. I was super excited about the whole New 52 DC reboot, when it first came out and the 1st issues came out. I read them all but what is this now month 4 going on month 5, and now I'm wishing they had either kept everything as is or just press reset on everything and start over from scratch. I'm always trying to figure out what story arc's they have kept or removed and honestly its annoying. Shit don't get me started on the whole 5 years thing, that's just retarded there is not enough time to slap all those events in such a short time frame. So yeah some times I read these new issues and think they failed and did not put enough thought into it but like you sometimes I think I'm just bitching and maybe I just gotta keep reading and it will all fall into place. *I HOPE!*

#113 Posted by Static Shock (50638 posts) - - Show Bio
@Thunderscream said:

@Static Shock: I felt a fart was relevant and self explanatory

I felt your response was pointless, off-topic, and spam. Thus, it wasn't necessary. 
#114 Edited by themanwoaname (32 posts) - - Show Bio

i think fart was way more relevant than the knucklehead that posted the gif from that show no one watched.

because at it's core, the hype of this at one time nameless character that had been placed in the back ground of every issue's name reveal had no other valuable information other than:

"her name is pandora"

as for comparing dc to marvel? yes. i agree with that. there was a time when dc had great story telling and a wonderful mythos that grew from it's continuity and marvel didnt have that. NOW dc's harkened back to marvel comics's bankruptcy period when people that left the company came back to do a short, pointless, and awful story line that had been hyped and overpressed and loved at the time by all the major nerd news outlets. NOW those same people involved with heroes reborn, are involved with dc doing the exact same thing. hopefully something bigger than that fart of a character comes along and smacks everything back to the way it was.

im thinking, something sort of like this except with smacking:

and then some how fantasy becomes reality, then it smacks everyone involved with the creation of the new 52.

#115 Posted by Mediumflyer7 (314 posts) - - Show Bio

one word: CROSS OVER

I can't wait :D

#116 Posted by Mediumflyer7 (314 posts) - - Show Bio

@jsphsmth: What is it you don't like about Morrison? Im just curios.

#117 Posted by CellphoneGirl (19003 posts) - - Show Bio

She creeps me out, and with a name like that it adds to it. Which makes me anxious to see her :D

#118 Posted by loganchild (43 posts) - - Show Bio

she told flash she'd help him from their arrival her name is pandora fellas something big is coming

#119 Edited by AskaniSon295 (453 posts) - - Show Bio

looks like Death from Vertigo's Sandman stayed out in the Sun too long. Maybe she's a daemonite they seem to be invadeing all corners of the Dc Universe. Maybe she will room with Superman and Helspont and it will be like reverse 3's company.

#120 Posted by Evpraksiya (268 posts) - - Show Bio

@ulrich200 said:

Let me guess; she'll restore the old DC if the sales fall before next summer.

you made my day. This pink trench stuff also makes me think about the way super heroine are dressed in their everyday life. Like in BoP...wtf with those clothes..

#121 Posted by ulrich200 (97 posts) - - Show Bio

@Evpraksiya: I think she's a vampire, that's why the new DC sucks.

Seriously, though, is that a... pink.. trench coat/dress hybrid...with a cloak?

#122 Posted by Sapphire Warlock (66 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm with everyone that believes Pandora is just a fail safe. I see it now. "Hey guys, looks like our DCnU isn't working out so...new event "PANDORA'S BOX!!!" "

#123 Posted by RiscazZ (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Too soon? Well let's face it, it's more than too soon. It's plain stupid.

All the comics that DC launched in the new 52 are not even beginning to define themselves, and some of them ARE going to undergo changes that might or might not change the way we see and read them, new writers, new villains, etc. How are we going to pick up a line here if they just throw the thread around and hope it doesn't turn out to be a big mess of knots like it was before. It would be safe to thing that DC would be tired of rebooting or retconing stuff to figure out what is canon or what is not and eve the greatest thought of them all, what the hell means to be canon for them nowadays.

It's time to put the brakes on that stuff. I mean, DC is behaving like a big baby showing off to everyone that their toy is "oh so much better than everyone elses, see what it does", and above all, they CAN boast about it because it is working for them, in terms of numbers. Meanwhile they juggle with the new readers that are enjoying the new stories without taking into account all the history behind, and old readers are clinging to this Pandora character to relate to Flashpoint and previous events pre-Flashpoint.

Pandora should be a mystery until this new universe gets glued together because right now, it's just individual shards of the previous universe, and until it can be fixed, we will find out that there are many missing pieces to hold everything together.
#124 Posted by Evpraksiya (268 posts) - - Show Bio

@ulrich200: vampire or not new DC or not, cloack/trench or whatever my point was superhéroine everyday clothes in comics are weird. Pink cloack...they're trying to bring necro barbie fans

And if they stick to the myth, http://asylums.insanejournal.com/scans_daily/95830.html, but we're post that, WW's got an assh*le for father and everything's now f*cked up i can't stand the art, the 600# and next were ugly but now...that's just not possible for me (sorry for the artist fan's here) so...i don't really care anymore.

#125 Posted by ulrich200 (97 posts) - - Show Bio

@Evpraksiya: You got a point. Superheroines seem to be all dressing like male fantasies all the time.

That's just a minor causality. I just can't deal with the whole thing anymore, I can't connect with the new continuity or any of the characters I like. I don't have the urge to read DC anymore. It doesn't help that I keep thinking that they were planning to go somewhere after Brightest Day, and then they just said "Fuck it, let's delete everything and re-do the 90's."

This is just me, though. That's how I feel. If anyone else loving the new direction, more power to them.

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