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She was from an assassin guild of her tribe in the realm of Manicore. During the events of The Odyssey Lady Death visited their world and was asked to battle with Agony, a fallen angel, who had taken over their jungle and transformed it into a frozen wasteland. Pandemonium fought side-by-side with Lady Death and defeated Agony but Lady Death was teleported away. Now the tribe again controlled their destiny and selected Pandemonium to be their protector. She went through many challenges and prevailed them all. Now she is gifted with powers of mother earth.  
Asteroth came to their world looking for Lady Death; Pandemonium fought him. Fortunately he sensed that his target wasn't on their planet no longer and left, only destroying the shrine of Lady Death. Some of the Agony loyalists attacked their tribe and Pandemonium's job was to fight them. One time she was stabbed with a poisonous dagger and she died. Soulain, the living spirit of their planet sent her to Earth. She met with group of humans who were in war with Naktu, a tribe of primitive people hidden in the jungle. She got into a fight with the humans when she tried to protect the Naktu and was knocked unconscious. When she came around she was greeted by a man named Lou, who aided the Naktu in defending themselves. Somehow Pandemonium knew the language of Naktu and that surprised Lou, he lead her to an old tablet and asked her to translate it. She translated bits of the text but was distracted by gunshots. She ran outside and found a rhino shot down and her horn stolen. Pandemonium mended with the earth and learned how humans ravish and destroy Africa.  
She also learned that she is the descendant of Naktu, and she is a chosen one to save Africa. She attacked to humans' camp and orders them to leave. They then tell that Lou was their leader and helped the Naktu to only gain access to their ancient power. She hurried back to the Naktu and found half of them slaughtered by Lou who now had become Epitaph, power opposite of life force. Pandemonium fought Epitaph and was victorious this time; Epitaph takes his leave, but promised to return. Pandemonium was reunited with the Naktu tribe and her journey to protect this new land is just beginning.

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