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Created by the Conception out of two individuals willing to sacrifice themselves to the Omneity, the Pair of the Conception was tasked with tracking down Fig Keele and encouraging her to join the Conception.


The Pair of the Conception was created by Matthew Sturges and Luca Rossi. It made its first appearance in House of Mystery #1.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

The Pair invades Fig Keele's home in the night, and pursues her, but is forced to give up the chase when she enters the House of Mystery. It continues to work from the outside to bring her to the Conception, briefly joining forces with her father, Peter Keele. It picks up Rina after she leaves the House and is abandoned by the Coachman, and takes her to Ceorel for interrogation. Later, it appears in the Space Between, and offers Fig a deal, promising to save her and her friends if she agrees to give up everything she loves, and eventually join the Conception. She agrees, and the Pair turns Harry Bailey into a real person before dropping him off in New York. It later attempts to take Fig into its custody, but Fig hides in the House and escapes. The Pair suddenly revolts against the Conception, and when Fig arrives on Numol Ceastor it encourages her to flee and attacks those who would pursue her. It is imprisoned shortly thereafter, and presumably dies when Omneity is achieved and the Conception dies.

Powers and Abilities

The Pair is one mind in two bodies, one male and one female, each missing half of their face; it is treated as a single individual. If its halves lose hand contact with one another, it will suddenly vanish. Where it goes is uncertain, presumably the Conception homeworld, Numol Ceastor, as it has been shown acting without holding hands there. The Pair seems to possess some sort of dimensional travelling and reality warping ability, probably derived from the Conception. It is capable of levitation.

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