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One Of 2013's Best Movie

Pacific Rim was easily one of the Movies i was most looking forward to, but i did have mixed feelings about it before seeing, despite the trailers looking really promising, it wouldn't have been the first time i'd have been tricked by pretty visuals from advertising. Immortals, Michel Bays transformers( terrible , simply terrible) and Wrath of the titans would be one of the many examples of this. Anyways, I knew Del Toro was directing Pacific Rim so i was still greatly looking forward to it, considering that many of his movies have been great and well liked by fans( I hate His Hellboy 1 though, i thought it was terrible). After watching it, i can safely say that i absolutely Loved this film, sure i have a few issues with some things but overall this is one of the best movies of the year.


It's shame really, that the weakest part of the film was the beginning, i remember my friend told me that he stopped watching because he really disliked the way the film had begun, and i unfortunately have to agree. the Thing is, i liked how it opened up , the first few minutes are cool, it gives us the viewer a good background check on what the situation is, but as soon it cuts to the Main character and his Brother, Raleigh and Yancy Becket, it goes down hill. There was supposed to be an emotional spectrum when Yancy dies, but it just doesn't work since i didn't care, honestly, i don't know whether it was trying or not to make me feel sad but it just seemed to rushed. However, The Movie Pick up and has a clean flow as soon as Raleigh comes back to fight More Kaiju Monsters.


In order for you to like this movie, you have to remember that most characters are a bit Generic, is this Bad? No sir not at all. You see somethings are generally accepted as generic because the concept is cool, which is why it's used so often, and in this movie it really works well. I loved the characters here, the performances are top notch and made me care about the characters. The greatest Highlight to me was Mako and Raleigh, their relationship is extremely well handled. Most of the times the "couple to be!" end it with a kiss or so, but that doesn't happen here, because it doesn't have to, because you know the connection is there. They had great Khemistry together in fact my favorite scene in the movie was the martial arts fight between mako and Raleigh, yes , even more so than the Jaeger fights. Idris was fantastic as Stacker, he was a great character in the movie, easily delivering a kind yet Very strict soldier who you could both respect and fear.

i am probably one of the few people who didn't mind the Crazy Scientists though, i understand that they were meant to be cartoony, and while at times that was overdone, i still though Charlie day was great and funny in the movie, and i honestly didn't see how he is the 'Jar Jar' of the Pacific Rim. Speaking of the crazy scientists, The comedy was greatly handled in this movie, they knew when to use it, and Unlike iron Man 3, could take a scene seriously without having to worry about it becoming an unnecessary gag. some scenes had me laughing out loud while others made my grab my seat because i was very interested in how the Plot would develop. Moreover, the Plot wasn't a complex one, it was very simple, you know exactly what they have planned to stop the Kaiju attacks from happening, however, Despite that, the movie surprised me because as it unfolded there were some interesting elements that were added to the story that made it much more interesting and complicated. It's Little Tweaks like " The Attacks are coordinated!" that make the story shine for me.

There is a Lot of
There is a Lot of "Awesome" in this Pic Right here

I can't do a review of this movie without bringing up The fact that the Jaeger Designs were Amazing and extremely cool. Each version has a unique Gimmick the works for the design really well, and i extremely enjoyed seeing them in action against the Kaiju. Speaking of Which, i loved the monsters in this movie, same with the Jaeger each monster had something similar but also something different to make them stand out from one another. and it's Because of this diverse looks and powers that give us the viewers great fighting scenes. Seriously, the action was Top Notch, and unlike Man Of steel( a great Movie Mind you) it wasn't overdone here and it was well balanced among the normal Scenes. Mos Had great action, but at times i wanted to take a break from it, and it made the Final Battle less effective , even though i still loved it.

Overall, Pacific Rim is my one favorite Movies this year. It was a great film with Over the top action and characters. This movie i can recommend to everyone, it's really fun and enjoyable and i'm sure 90% of the people would love this movie.

Movie Score: Pure Awesome. 9/10

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