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Otherspace is a location that has shown up in the comics of Mr. Majestic and the WildC.A.T.s. It exists as a vaguely described space that can be reached from our reality if the right equipment is used. Mr. Majestic built and used a portal to venture into Otherspace and the Wildcats used an atom-sized ship and Spartan's (former) teleportation abilities. The only thing that is really there that has been identified is pre-dimensional star-stuff, or "sleeping stars". Unprotected entry into Otherspace has proven fatal for anyone except Mr. Majestic. According to him, Otherspace is a place where reality is variable and basic existence can never be proven. He traveled into Otherspace to collect a sleeping star which he would use to power a robotic duplicate of his son. The Wildcats went into Otherspace for much the same reason. Spartan planned to use the same kind of sleeping stars to power batteries that would last longer than forever. He was able to and the secret behind his batteries made the Halo Company incredibly successful. However when he lost the teleportation abilities granted to him by the Void, he also lost the ability to enter Otherspace.

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