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Bina Nawoti is a telepath from Earth in the 31st Century.

When Bina's telepathic abilities emerged, she traveled to Titan to study under Doctor Aven, who had trained the Legionnaire Saturn Girl. While there, Bina learned that she is not as powerful as most Titanians, but she has far superior range.

After her studies were complete, Bina enrolled at the Legion Academy and adopted the code name Otaki. There, she studied in how to use her powers in a team environment, hoping to one day graduate to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

While Otaki was still a student, she and fellow student Mwindaji were secretly recruited onto a rescue team organized by her teachers Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel along with the Legionnaire Star Boy. Their mission was to rescue the Legionnaires Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl from the Dominators. On the mission, Otaki used her powers to boost Star Boy's confidence, ultimately boosting his powers and saving their lives until Mon-El and Ultra Boy arrived as reinforcements.

After the mission, Duplicate Damsel complimented both Otaki and Mwindaji on surviving the mission before they returned to the Legion Academy.

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