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An Explosive Start

Wow. Issue 1 of Original Sin has officially hit the shelves releasing a series of crossovers, as well as the ongoing main story. What does the first issue tell us? Well, a lot in my opinion.

We begin in a most humble manner, a couple of Avengers and a special guest having a meal together. This for me was seriously one of the best things in the book since we finally see the heroes just hanging out. Of course, a book about folks eating is boring so with a single phone call the chaos begins. I don't want to give much of the story away so I'll just say that in this first issue there are a couple of developments that, like scattered puzzle pieces, add to the big picture but don't quite fit in yet. All I will say is that it's definitely interesting and for a "Summer Blockbuster" is very good and actually has me excited to see where this series goes. Great work Mr. Aaron.

Mike Deodato is at the helm here on art and as usual it doesn't disappoint. I've loved Mr. Deodato`s work since first seeing it in Secret Avengers and even now I continue to enjoy it. His dark tone fits the story perfectly and adds a great visual to the story as it unfolds. There isn't a ton of action but even in the dull moments his art gives a great moody feel that makes it just as interesting as the short bits of action.

For a first issue OS is turning out to look like it may be a great read. I haven't been this excited for a Summer event in quite some time. Let's hope it keeps.

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