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Not much is known about Orifice before being adopted by Dollmaker and becoming a member of the Dollmaker's Family.


Orifice was created by Detective Comics writer Tony Daniel.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Dollmaker

When Batman tracks Ray Quimby to the Taylor Street Imports he is ambushed by The Dollmaker's Family. During the ensuing fight Orifice tries to cut out the Batman's eyes but Batman head buts him. Batman escapes, but when he tracks the family to Mercy Hospital Orifice is there when Batman is captured. While Batman is battling for his life, Orifice is ordered to kill James Gordon who is locked up in the hospital. When Orifice finds Gordon, Gordon pulls a knife but before anyone can do anything Olivia Carr stabs Orifice in the back, and appears to kill him. This is the last known fate of Orifice.

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