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The Onion Alien appearing as a target on the Gantz Sphere
The Onion Alien appearing as a target on the Gantz Sphere
In the Japanese Manga Gantz (published in english by Dark Horse), The Onion Alien (Neji Seijin) is the first target given by Gantz in the series and to the protagonists: Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato. At first none of the hunters wanted to bother hunting it because they didn't know what was going on and just saw it as joke. Ichiro Nishijo convince them that the this mission is actually a game show where the government hypnotizes a group of people to hunt aliens and that there is a great grand prize to the winner. Almost everyone believes this and the Teacher. Teen, and the Two Yakuzas try to find it using a radar that Nishi shows them. The group chases the Onion Alien around till they finally manage to surround it. They all shoot it with the X-Gun and after they delay the Onion Alien starts losing limbs. One of them finishes off it off with a shot in the face. A grown Onion Alien appears and finds the younger Onion Alien dead. Furious by this he kills them all without effort. Before he has a chance to slash Kato, one of the yakuzas unloads on him with a handgun. The grown Onion Alien gets up and Kato tries to sympathize with him then points his Y-Gun at it to keep it under control but can't bring himself to shoot. The alien then slashes at Kato and he manages to dodge but fall over the rail. The grown Onion Alien then notices Kato and Kei Kishimoto and cahses them down. Kishimoto manages to run off at another direction and the Alien chases down Kurono. Kurono jumps high over some stairs by where Kato fell and the Onion Alien tumble after him. Kato tries to hold it down with a choker hold but the alien cuts his arm with it's claws and easily pushes him off. Kurono then beats down the alien with speed and strength given to him by his power suit. Nishijo suddenly appears and 'catches' the grown Onion Alien with the Y-Gun. Nishijo tries to convince Kurono to kill it with the X-Gun but he refuses so Nishijo shoots it with the Y-Gun which teleports him away straight up to space. Nishijo says the Y-Gun is for sending but it hasn't been revealed where exactly the gun "sends'.

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