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Omega Squadron had been a part of Starfleet Academy and when Nog went to the Academy this is the squadron he was assigned to.  The squad was put together by Commander Kyethn Zund the squads instructor.  She deliberately selected cadets from different backgrounds in order for the recruits to integrate.  She had done this before but when Nog enlisted the squad was made up of a Matt Decker and Kamilah Goldstein a human, Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqabaa an Andorian, T'Priell a Vulcan and Nog a Ferengi.

Squad Evolution

When Nogs crew uncovered a plot to undermined Starfleet they were rewarded by being allowed to earn their wings early.  On a training mission on a runabout they were attacked by Klingons.  Zund was severely wounded in the incident and Squadron leader Goldstein was killed.  She would later be replaced by a Betaziod cadet and Decker would become Squadron leader.

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