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Black Manta, Krako, Huntress, and Typhoon have all been members at one point or another.

The Organization for General Revenge and Enslavement were a small, persistent, terrorist organization led by The Supreme One. This organiztion was being financially backed by an unknown foreign government to steal nuclear missiles that were stored under an island resort. Aquaman and Mera would tangle with the the two operatives Huntress and Typhoon.

Huntress and Typhoon were working for O.G.R.E. because of death threats against them. Mera was able to persuade them both to turn and help defeat O.G.R.E.

O.G.R.E. would be re-organized twice and twice more they would be defeated. The first reorganization was led by Krako, the twin brother of Aquaman's government liason. O.G.R.E. threatened the United Nations and was defeated by Aquaman and Mera. The Next reorganization hired Black Manta to engage Aquaman while tycoon Eliot Harlanson would bomb Atlantis.

The American government located The HQ of O.G.R.E. and apparently destroyed it.

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