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Octobriana and the Russian Underground (1971)
Octobriana and the Russian Underground (1971)

Octobriana first appeared in a book by Petr Sadecky called " Octobriana and the Russian Underground" published in 1971 - she was presented as the emblematic heroine of the PPP (Progressive Political Pornography group) an underground anti-state movement that was supposed to exist in USSR in the 60s.

Being the creation of a group promoting the true ideals of Communism she became a Public domain character.

The truth is Petr Sadecky was a bit of a fraud - and Octobriana's art was in fact based on "Amazona" the creation of 2 Czech artists (Bohumil Konecny and Zdenek Burian) that Petr Sadecky took the liberty to adapt into this new character which represents the icon of the October Revolution.

Octobriana successive rebirths

Luther Arkwright - Bryan Talbot
Luther Arkwright - Bryan Talbot

The first author to re-used Octobriana was Bryan Talbot in Issue #3 of " The adventures of Luther Arkwright" - Octobriana helped Luther in the basement of the pyramid to escape the disruptors that were trying to steal the Firefrost.

After this come back - Octobriana then reappeared in 1996 in a series of issues by Alchemy Texts - where basically 2 new adventures were introduced "The Return of Octobriana" and "The Octobriana Files" - these issues were conclude with " Octobriana 30th Anniversary Special" published in 2001.

Movie Appearance

Octobriana (Noora)
Octobriana (Noora)

Around 1974 the pop star David Bowie developed an interest in Octobriana and planned to make a movie. The leading role was supposed to be played by Amanda Lear, who also may have recorded an album of Octobriana songs! The film was never made

In 2003 Octobriana & the Finger of Lenin was filmed starring Noora Piili.

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