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There are many Eight models, and although many answer to 'Sharon', they are each individuals. (They are similar to comparing Data to Lor in Star Trek: TNG). They were the last model created by the Final Five and the most human.


issue #8 - Boomer (left) vs. Athena (right)
issue #8 - Boomer (left) vs. Athena (right)

Even though they are the same 'model', they have different personalities, traits and romantic interests and friendships. 

Boomer was involved with Chief Tyrol and #1, where as Athena married Helo and had a daughter (Hera). Boomer died a final time on the basestar in the final episode and Athena settled on Earth with her husband and child, getting her happily-ever-after. 
In issue nine, Boomer and the Returners return to the Cylon fleet, only to be shot down by their own. Before being resurected, she has a dream that she is the "original" Sharon, a human, and she teached a group of other Eights what that means. This gives a great insight into the false memories the Eight models have and explains why they have more feelings then the other 6 Cylon models.

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