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Brief History

John Doe was Alfie's only friend while growing in the 1960’s in an orphanage run by an alcoholic abusive owner with mean boys who would bully Alfie for his gift. John Doe was adopted by an elderly Japanese man, Irving Yugyu, who was a dentist but also happened to have work as ninja in his youth, and now worked for the CIA’s “Black Ops” divisions training young ninjas. John became one of these ninjas and was taught to kill without regret, and became the best at what he did. While being an assassin he meet Vavara Novikova under the alias Novi-Cakes, leader of the Swallows, an all-female KGB unit. During one of several missions, John noticed something odd, that he could warp-time; slowing it down, increasing its speed and even in extreme cases make people live their entire life backwards. While in a mission his time powers when out control and it caused him to go back in time with an injured Vavara, who die several hours later. He arrived back in the unknown era only to find out that was the same day she was born, thus creating a pre-destined paradox.

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