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Nox, unlike the other Fear Lords, does not require fear to live in any way, she revels in the fears of mortals. She was one of the first to be called to the Halls of Fear by the Dweller In Darkness to assist him in taking over Earth. There she revealed her past. She revealed that once she had disguised herself as the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and made love to the god of war, Ares. She did this in order to bare two extremely powerful sons; Deimos and Phobos. Like the Dweller, Nox has been the inspiration to many villains, such as Psycho-Man. Though Nox is near invulnerable to physical damage, she has often been stopped by Dr. Strange by bright light and the mystic Eye of Agamotto. 


Nox is a Marvel comics character created by Roy Thomas and Jean-Marc Lofficier. She first appears in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #31 released in 1991. Nox is inspired by the Greek mythological goddess Nyx, who was the Greek goddess of the night. Occasionally the character will be directly referred to her as Nyx, Nyx and Nox essentially be the same name, Nox the Latin translation.    

Major Story Arc

Shattered Heroes

The Fear Lords convene to discuss the activities and actions of the older brother of Odin Cul. The Asgardian otherwise known as the Serpent has returned to Earth after a long exile at the hands of his brother Odin and has inflicted a state of terror and fear on the Earth, and feeding off that generated negativity. He has deputized the Worthy and set about creating mass havoc. Dweller in Darkness, D'Spayre, Kkallakku, Straw-Man, Lurking Unknown, are among those gathered with Nox to discuss the Serpent. Nightmare is however not present. Later the Fear Lords learn that the reason their peer Nightmare was absent was as he had been scheming of ways to increase his fortunate and power, in the wake of the Serpent. Creating a Nightmare Crown that would greatly amplify not only his powers, but thereby standing among Fear Lords. Such a concept not entirely fond to the other Fear Lords including Nox, they turn on Nightmare.   

Powers and Abilities

Nox possesses the power to generate, manipulate, rearrange and construct darkness. She can use this power to various effect, projecting darkness, generating darkness then constructing weapons such s swords out of it, constructing tendrils that can capture and ensnare foes, bind or slash. Many of her constructs of darkness can be used to absorb energy. Nox is especially thrilled and delighted seeing others in fear and terror states.  
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 5'7" 
Weight: 270 lbs 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

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