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Alright, so Nova is one of my favorite characters, but I'm just a little confused on one aspect. When hosting Worldmind, we all know that Worldmind limits/regulates/dampens the Nova Force within Richard to protect him mentally. Although WorldMind provides him with a huge battle advatage, his power potential is limited.
Richard hasn't been the host for Worldmind for quite some time, and once he became Nova Prime again (after the Ego mess and being Quasar briefly) he asked Worldmind if he would go crazy being exposed to the full Nova Force without Worldmind to which she says no.

 Issue #25
 Issue #25
There are a few occasions when he is completely without access to Worldmind, via uplink or being the host.  
Right after he regains his position of Nova Prime in issue #25, he blasts Ego/Worldmind with a blast so powerful Worldmind said, "It was almost off the scale."
As we've all seen when Richard was infected withTransmode Virus as a Phalanx Select (when WM could no longer protect him from it), it was the most powerful he has ever been since he was no longer inhibited from using the full Nova Force and he had complete control over it. 
Also, in issue #35 when fighting the Sphinx with two Ka Stones and without any sort of access to Worldmind, Richard says the following (essentially using the full Nova Force to the max, and being the most powerful he's ever been) : 
 Issue #35

Now I guess my question is this. Richard is not the host to WM, but does basically having a constant uplink to WM still somehow limiting his potential? Is WM actually still providing precautions by dampening/regualting his Nova Force without being Rich being the host? Does he need to be hosting WM for it to do that? I just assumed she wasn't doing it anymore after she said he could handle it. If she isn't, shouldn't this basically be the most powerful version of Richard if his potential isn't limited?
In the second scan, Rich is saying he has never used the Nova Force to that extent before. Is it a coincidence that he didn't have access to WM when he did it? Is he just discovering how powerful he can actually be without WM? Or did Richard know how powerful he is, but holds himself back from using his full power most of the time (only using that level when it is absolutely necessary)?  I don't think he has been scared of its full power for a while now either.
Secondary question: To fully take advantage of WM's huge battlefield play by play commentary and directions that we saw earlier in his latest solo series, I'm assuming he needs to be the host and not just be uplinked, correct?
Any thoughts/explanations are much appreciated.

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