Did Phalanx enhance his abilities when he beat Drax ?

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No one wanna help a brother nah ?
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No. It just took away his inhibitions. Normally Rich would never do that to most people for several reasons.  
1) He restrains himself, often relying on Brains rather then Brawn to defeat people. He Rarely if ever goes all out because he is scared of the full power of the Nova Force. 
 2) The World Mind has placed mental buffers and power modulators upon him that dampen the full power of the Nova Force. Therefore, he can access full power for specific purposes such as amping up his fist and throwing one big haymaker, but he can't access and unleash all of his power at once or for extended periods of time. 
So to answer your question, Nova is fully capable of making someone like Drax or Strontian look like a complete joke as you see in your scan, but often will not because that's not his nature. The Phalanx just took away his inhibitions.  
Hope that help's.
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Nova would have beat current Drax regardless of any power up

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